DEB: Kick Ass Graf Artist Shows the Boys How It’s Done


Sensational artist, Deb has created a colourful and fantastical world of buxom bombshells, card playing vixens, sultry mermaids and fierce females. Spray painting and drawing her cartoon- esque and vibrant heroines looks so effortless for Deb, who first came to my attention when we met at an acquaintance’s tattoo shop. She showed me some of her work and I was instantly impressed. Her art was sassy and cool, whilst being contemporary and highly unique.

Deb’s art is strongly influenced by fantasy worlds, pin- ups and tattoo art. It has a fervently vintage, yet modern look and feel to it, and her red pouted, leggy ladies are as adorably sweet as they are cheeky, raunchy and edgy. Animals are also featured heavily in Deb’s idiosyncratic work. Her artwork is instantly recognisable, and it is quite exciting to stumble across her work all around Melbourne – from Hosier Lane in the CBD to Chapel Street in St Kilda.

Deb’s awesome talent has of course, not gone unnoticed. She is constantly on the go and has become a major part of the Australian street art scene. Her constant projects place Deb at the forefront of the scene, with her having participated in over 70 art exhibitions throughout Australia and also abroad. Including solo & group shows, charity exhibitions, public art programs and workshops.

Some of Deb’s commissioned work includes a phenomenal list of companies and brands. She has completed artwork and murals for the likes of Myers, Oxfam, Foxtel, Red Bull, Wheels & Doll Baby as well as 7/11’s Slurpee promotion. Deb was also recently nominated in Cosmopolitan magazine’s Fun Fearless Female competition.

Having completed a diploma in graphic design and a certificate in book illustration, Deb is currently extending her talent palette to include the art of tattooing and airbrushing.

Thrashing the stereotypical street artist image, Miss Deb can be found doing her street art thang in attire akin to her bombshell characters – in fitted skirts or a super sexy playsuit with pumps, no less. Deb is a stand- out artist that is not afraid to let her personality shine, whilst throwing some femininity and sass into the mix.

Originally from Melbourne, yet now residing in Sydney, this is one artist that is majorly on my radar and a definite rising star to watch!


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