CAM TAPP – Interview with the incredible ‘The Voice’ singer


Back when I was covering the established, as well as up and coming music scene in Melbourne, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the great talent that is, Cam Tapp. As the then lead singer of band Borne, Tapp was a born stage performer and possessed a voice that could literally stop you in your tracks. It was at the Corner Hotel in Richmond that I was wholly captivated by the raw talent, emotion and down to earth nature of this man. I managed to rope him in to be interviewed by me for CLEO, plus a review of his gig for

What many people may not know about Tapp and Borne, is that they managed to have one of the biggest iTunes downloads with their beautiful single, The Guide. The band also played such gigantic gigs as Glastonbury, Zero Seven, Hyde Park Calling, SXSW, plus Tapp also lent his talents to the bushfire relief song, Lest We Forget.

Always the gentleman, comedian, family man and genuine human being, Cam Tapp wowed the nation as one of the contestants on Channel 9’s The Voice, chosen by Keith Urban. Despite not going through to the third round of the show, nothing can deter Tapp’s spirit, determination and pure talent. He is extremely deserving of every good thing that comes his way, and I am certain there will be many great things to come.


1. In a musical career spanning decades, has starring on The Voice been your most surreal moment to date and what other occasions throughout your career have been able to take your breath away? 

I found the whole ‘The Voice’ experience quite surreal, as almost overnight you are catapulted into the mainstream faster and more instantly than ever before. Playing at Glastonbury was equally as surreal I think, because I had never imagined it would happen and suddenly – there we were on stage!

2. How were you discovered to come and try your luck on The Voice stage? 

I was contacted by one of the production crew who had looked me up the YouTube and asked me to send in a video of my audition. The rest,  as they say, is history.

3. What was going through your mind when Keith Urban turned his chair around? 

I thought, “Thank God that’s OOOOOOVVVEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!” And then, I sang it out loud on stage [laughs]. I was wrapped when Keith’s  chair turned around, as I was always intending to choose him over the other judges.

4. What is it about Urban’s music and success that you respect and admire?

The thing that I admire the most about Keith is his staying power in the industry. It has taken him a very long time with many hardships to get to where he is now and I know how hard it must have been for him. I also like Keith’s approach to song writing. He is an honest guy and it comes across in his lyrical content and production.

5. Why did you choose the Five For Fighting song, Superman? What elements of the song speak to you? 

I have played Superman at my gigs for a while and I chose it for ‘The Voice’ because I feel it possesses all of the elements in a song that brings out some of the best qualities of my voice. I love how the song  slips into falsetto and jumps around a bit. The lyrics are very beautiful too. I suppose I have felt like that a few times in the past.

6. You have a beautiful wife and two adorable twin boys. How has this influx of love and devotion in your life helped to grow your musical gift and your determination to have your voice heard?

Everything I choose to do now incorporates the wishes and feelings of Narida and our boys. I have never felt like I have had to compromise my career one iota just because I am a family man now. I remind myself how lucky I am every day. It’s hard to find the time to write at the moment because the boys are so demanding on our time, but when I do, I find I am able to access very different emotions than before the twins were born.

7. You have always come across as laid back, carefree and anti- agro. Do you find it difficult to ‘compete’ in a creative arena? 

Yes. The whole concept of competition doesn’t sit very well with me at all, but I know sometimes it is a necessary evil. I think it’s because I know there’s always a loser, and whether or not it’s me, I feel sorry for that person. The battle rounds on ‘The Voice’ were very stressful and I was glad when they were over.

8. So many people the world over have connected with your music. It is soulful, heart-felt, real and truly beautiful. What inspires your story telling and why do you think it resonates so heartily? 

Mostly my life and my journey through it inspires me to write. I love the human story. I suppose people connect with my music because I don’t believe I am ever scared to wear my heart on my sleeve and show people who I truly am. Although sometimes it can get me into trouble! [laughs]

9. Was it annoying when Seal made his comment about how to be a ‘star’, when he is completely unaware of your successes to date? And do you think he will ever latch on to the Aussie sense of humour? 

I wasn’t as annoyed as most other people were, actually. I felt a bit sorry for him to be honest. I think that one of the dangers of being in the music industry is that you can lose touch with your own identity and reality. I have seen people start believing in their own hype, so when Seal said those comments I just thought, “Mate……you’ve known me for all of 4 minutes and it’s a ‘reality’ TV show…..what the??” I think he has to work on his sense of humour, period. [laughs]

10. And finally, have you met Nicole Kidman yet and if so, is she really that tall in real life?

I saw her fleetingly backstage, somewhere lurking around in the shadows and I thought to myself, “Who is that beautiful and tall woman?” So yes she is that tall. Keith had better keep his game on…..I’m always going to be around somewhere. [laughs] 🙂

To find out more about Cam Tapp and his music, click here:

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4 thoughts on “CAM TAPP – Interview with the incredible ‘The Voice’ singer

  1. The perfect interview. Great questions.Great spontaneous answers. Of course Cam is a great guy, a great husband, great dad….and of course a great son…hmmm, written by his dad.Wouldn’t went him to be any different. Ask his little tackers…’how does dad-a go?’ Response ‘la,la,la.’ Cam has been a joy from the day he entered (and took over) our lives.


  2. I am from the uk and I love the passion Cam puts into his music and your interview shows the type of person he is, caring, loving and passionate about his family, friends and music, long may he keep singing and writing for us all to share


  3. Great article Lara!

    Many years ago I had the pleasure of gigging with Cam in Tassie….despite the fact I was difficult to work with back in those days, we are still mates to this day, and I think that says a lot about his character.

    Recently he performed at our Christmas party and he was a hit as you would expect from such an amazing talent. What impresses me the most about Cam is the fact he’s stayed true to his music all this time. I have no doubt when he’s old and weary with his grandkids (and great grandkids running around) he’ll look back and have very few, if any regrets.



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