Martin Scorsese is an indelible director, whose films have plunged themselves into our minds and embedded their celluloid scenes onto our universal subconscious. He is a masterful auteur with a breadth of work that is quite literally breathtaking. His career has spanned over six decades, with almost as many films created in that time. This […]

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ACMI Presents: Orry-Kelly Dressing Hollywood

Do you know about Orry-Kelly? Have you even heard his name mentioned before in film or fashion circles? Having completed a double major in cinema history at Melbourne University, which encompassed Hollywood films, even I struggled to recount such a distinctive name, albeit an Australian one. And my love for glamorous silver-screen fashion failed to […]

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Fashion + Film in Australia: Does our steadfast support of local designers on the red carpet transcend to style on the big screen?

Red carpet arrivals are the quintessential representation of all things glamorous and glittering in the universe of entertainment. In this case, the fantastical world of film – Australian film to be exact. That little gem of a thing that is slowly but surely turning itself into a goldmine, sifting through a river of talented individuals […]

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