KATIE NOONAN – Mancester Lane, Melbourne


Katie Noonan is an artist of mesmerising proportions, without a whisper of conceit that would usually permeate from such unrivalled genius. Noonan is a humble soul with the most intoxicating voice and it is clear that she would not be able to function without her music.

Beginning her set by timorously humming to the left of the microphone, Noonan’s  nonchalant entrance masked a presence that enveloped the whole room. Delivering her songs with an effortless air is as refreshing as her sassy and genuine personality, swaying and humming throughout the set whilst downing a Cab Sav.

Gaining stardom via the band George, which she formed with her sibling Tyrone, Noonan has also dabbled in other albums with group Elixir as well as a duets album with mum Maggie. Finally, Noonan has released her debut solo album simply entitled, Skin. The album is a delightful tapestry of songs about love and light where the main golden thread is Noonan’s classically trained voice of pure perfection married with her elaborate and eloquent lyrics. Reminiscing on the blossoming love affair with her hubby and the gift of her children, Noonan delivers some great tracks from the album such as ‘Logic’, ‘Love’s My Song For You’ and the popular jazzy- come- dance- track ‘Time To Begin’.

Yet, for all her successes, Noonan is not a commercial artist by any standard, which in my opinion is a tremendous thing. It mirrors her modest yet utterly appreciative fan base that convened at Manchester Lane to be offered a rare treat of new tracks plus reworked versions of George classics. Quite frankly, hearing an encore of “Breathe In Now” sung simply with a keyboard was a rare treat that topped off a fabulous performance by an artist that is truly a master of her trade. Signing CD’s for fans at the conclusion of the evening, I left Manchester Lane like a giddy schoolgirl, clutching my copy of the album Skin, in which Noonan had scribbled the endearing message, “Long Live Love.” Now that’s a catch cry I can definitely live by.


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