BRYNN CUBBIN: Interview with the NZ model


Model Brynn Cubbin, is an obvious stand out from the generic modeling pack. Yet, what sets this unique guy apart isn’t his portfolio of enviable shoots or runway shows (including Gucci catwalks and Dirty Dog Campaigns), but his down to earth nature and contagious sense of humor. Who ever said models couldn’t be funny? Having moved from the UK, to New Zealand and now residing on our home soil (albeit Sydney), Brynn is the jet setting model to watch.

1. Where were you born and raised?

Doncaster, United Kingdom.

2. Were you scouted to become a model or was modeling something you always endeavoured to follow?

I was scouted at a pub on a night out in England. Never thought id ever do it, only thought I had a face for footwear, haha!

3. What was your first modeling gig?

A photoshoot for Barkers, Winter range.

4. What has been the best modeling gig to date?
The fashion show for A*Muse, Pamela Anderson and Richie Rich’s label at ANZFW.

5. Favourite designer to wear? Big label would definitely be Gucci. Other than that, I quite like Michael Pattison from New Zealand.

6. Best place for a holiday?

Just been to Boomerang Beach NSW, was so beautiful up there.

7. If you could have anyone in the world’s job, who would it be?

Comedian. Getting paid to make people happy sounds pretty perfect to me.

8. Favourite Victoria’s Secret angel?

Alessandra Ambrosio.

9. Finish this sentence, ‘The way to a man’s heart, is through…….

…..his humour. Make him laugh 🙂

10. Favourite way to relaxe? Listening to music or a walk down the beach with my iPod on.

11. What’s next on your agenda for modeling in 2010? Got no idea… just going to go with the flow I guess.



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