BORNE – Interview with the 4-piece Melbourne Band


Emerging like a glowing light from beneath the shadowy depths to brighten up our musical haze is Melbourne band, Borne. Beaming across the globe with their exceptional sound and talent, there’s no keeping these guys a secret. Delivering a power that belies pretension, and a sincerity that strikes at the soul, Borne’s debut ‘Loss of Signal’ is a flawless album. It intertwines emotive lyrics with a great rock sound that draws the listener in, basking in the warm glow that is home grown talent.

Taking time out from a grueling tour schedule that included being crammed in a touring van driving around  rainy Glastonbury and rubbing shoulders with the gurus of rock over in Texas, lead singer Cameron Tapp chatted to Lara Antonelli about the rise of Borne, the state of the world and the best lasagne in town.

1. You have described BORNE as ‘poetic indie’. Have you always had a knack for writing songs?

I’ve definitely always been good at writing. I remember when I actually lost my first job because I was caught out the back writing lyrics!

2. How was the name for the band formed?

The name Borne originally came from our former drummer, whose name was Wayne Kilborne, which we shortened to Borne. Then we realised how much that name summed us up – we have all been ‘born’ because of music.

3. You have performed at some of the biggest gigs on the planet like Zero Seven, Hyde Park Calling and SXSW. Overseas tours and television appearances are a natural progression in music, yet is it still totally surreal?

It’s an absolute blow- out. I am hooked – hook, line and sinker! The worldwide response is so humbling. And its only the start its incredible. We are so fortunate to be in the position that we are in and we can thank all the fans, the punters and our friends for that.

The Guide was actually recorded in late 2003 and for people to embrace songs that I wrote 3 or 4 years ago is incredible. People have been telling me that they had The Guide as their wedding song  or as a tribute at a funeral. Its been absolutely wonderful, like a dream come true.

4. There are different components to various gigs, yet which one stands out in your mind as being exceptional?

Can I be greedy and have two? The thing that sticks out in my mind the most is when we were playing a gig somewhere in South Australia and we had about ten people standing across the room, singing every word to our songs and that’s when we began to realise that we were making an impact. That’s a really beautiful and surreal feeling, that all the hard work was paying off.

The second one, which is equally as special was the Hyde Park Calling. We had a few thousand people going crazy and singing along to the words and I was just flushed with adrenaline. Nothing can buy that feeling.

5. Where did the inspiration for the debut album Loss Of Signal come from?

The name Loss Of Signal came to me a week after a long term relationship ended and I wasn’t sure about where my life was going. As I was driving along that day my phone signal dropped out, and it seemed like a metaphor for life. It was like a sign that the world was losing it’s signal, and our ability to talk and relate to one another. It’s not all mobile phones and digital television. All the songs on the album were written at certain times, but they all tell the same story.

6. The album delves into issues of the self and of course, love. Have you always been a romantic at heart?

For sure! A shocking romantic. I like to think that I have peoples interests at heart. I’m not a bitter person and I don’t like to see people in pain.

7.  If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

For there to be not so much agro. Far more peace and love and to make more time for each other.

8. You’re originally from Tassie, but we Melbournians will gladly claim you as our own. What do you love most about Melbourne?

I love the fact that it truly is a liveable city with so much to offer. It’s so multicultural and it’s unlike any other city. You can do anything – it’s the perfect balance of culture, chill- out and madness.

9.  What would you love to be doing, if you weren’t a musician?

I can’t do anything else! I’m destined to a life of writing and guitar playing. But if I had to choose something else, it would probably be a surfing Greenpeace activist. My heart is with the ocean, so I love anything to do with it.

10. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I’d love to sit down and write with Bob Marley. I used to listen to him as a kid and he’s got an incredible style of writing. Or maybe Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.

11.  Favourite track on the album?

My most personal and private song on Loss Of Signal would have to be ‘One Last Time’.

12. What’s in your fridge?

Not an awful lot at the moment, I’m moving from fridge to fridge. But generally it would consist of a good wine, some pasta, parmesan cheese, olives and soy milk. Pretty much anything that’s tasty! I love cooking… actually I really feel like some lasagne tonight!

13. If you could star in any movie, which would it be?

I would like to play Martin Sheen’s character in Apocalypse Now.

14. What’s better – DVD or the cinema?

Cinema! I love going to the movies. The last movie I went to see was Pan’s Labyrinth.

15.  Best way to relax and unwind?

With a good bottle of red wine and having people over to cook for.

16. And finally, what’s next for Borne?

After Melbourne, we have a Sydney launch, then we tour around Oz. After that it’s preparation for the second album and more touring. We’ll be holding onto the ride with white knuckles!



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