Gorgeous Cosmetics: Proving there is more to Australian cosmetics than just a pretty face


Gorgeous Cosmetics is the kind of beauty company that the Australian market has been longing for. Like the proverbial rain storm in a time of drought, Gorgeous’ thirst for a premium, high quality, reliable and fantastic product has nourished my appreciation of an Australian owned and operated cosmetics brand. Often getting cosmetics shipped from overseas or buying international make up brands over the counter, I was relieved when I stumbled upon Gorgeous. Its products are amazing!

They are long-lasting, highly pigmented, with an array of seriously awesome colours; Gorgeous is pushing the boundaries with products that feel as good as they look.

Bounding their way into the market, Gorgeous Cosmetics has their own stores located throughout Australia, as well as being stocked in David Jones. Plus, they have just excitedly announced that they will also be sold internationally – in the America beauty market! Joining forces with the Amazon owned Beauty Bar.com after being scouted late last year; Gorgeous currently has more than 80 products available on the world-renowned site. So now the ladies in the US of A can also enjoy what I have for years – the bliss of wearing Gorgeous Cosmetics!

Gorgeous Cosmetics also runs a successful Make Up School. For more information visit: http://www.gorgeouscosmetics.com/

The following are products I have so far tried, and would recommend. Start recreating your beauty bag and get it looking absolutely ‘gorgeous’ with these essential products!


This little bronzed beauty is the perfect tool to give your body a healthy glow in all seasons. Dosed with light-reflecting particles, this liquid shimmer will make you feel like a superstar as it evens out skin tone, diffuses lines and leaves skin feeling nourished with its enriching Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to smooth and hydrate.


For those times that you need a little extra coverage, this concealer glides on easily and leaves your skin looking natural whilst still keeping any redness, pimples or dark circles well hidden!


This little gem of a translucent bronzing powder creates a lovely glow on the skin. You can either brush it over your face for a sun kissed look unlike other bronzing tools that look totally unnatural. Or you can use it over your decolletage and body for a shimmering finish. A perfect accompaniment to the Superstar Liquid Shimmer.

Stay tuned for more Gorgeous products to be showcased on Pen To Paper soon! 🙂


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