Gorgeous Cosmetics: Products to Lust After!

Continuing on from my debut post for Gorgeous Cosmetics, here is a list of other luxe products from this Aussie powerhouse, that will be your perfect accessory for facing winter head on.


I initially turned to this product when I was holidaying in Tulum, Mexico. I was tanned (ok, slightly more red than golden), so of a night time or day time, I wanted to reduce the redness, oil and freckles. The Sheer Brilliance Liquid Foundation was unbelievable! It covered up all of the imperfections, created a matte yet thoroughly hydrated and natural look and reduced the redness exponentially. I chose a slightly darker colour than I would use in say winter, but with its Vitamin A & E which nourishes skin, it really is a foundation for use all year round! I even wear it at the gym (which for me is big as I don’t believe in any make up when working out), as it enables me to achieve even coverage and skin tone, without looking made up or having the foundation smudge. It blended into my skin perfectly. Gorgeous Sheer Brilliance Foundation makes my skin feel soft and supple, not caked on. Putting on this foundation is akin to putting on my moisturiser – it feels that good. Perfect for the day time, the gym and of course night time if you add a few extra droplets of the foundation for that flawless complexion.


This highly pigmented, silky smooth and creamy finish blush is amazing. It makes your cheeks look naturally flushed, with intense colour that is achievable without brushing on a huge amount of product. Perfect for use from day to night, it will highlight your cheekbones and give you a soft peachy glow all winter long.


Eye shadows should be highly pigmented, blend well and last all day long. Gorgeous’ Colour Pro Eye Shadows tick all of the boxes, plus a natural finish that reduces any imperfections, so that you can get on with your day and not worry about your eyes. My fav colours for this winter are Champagne and Gold Digger.


 I was never a fan of liquid eyeliner, as I could never find a product that enabled me to put it on my lids properly with confidence! But the Gorgeous iLine Liquid Eyeliner Pen has cast away all of my doubts, with its super rich solid black liquid finish and soft felt tip applicator. Lining is easy to achieve and glides on  perfectly the first time, so there is no need for thick or uneven lines. Plus, it is smudge proof, yet easily comes of with make-up remover. So get your eyes all a-flutter with this lust have product.


Keeping with the dramatic yet sophisticated eyes for winter, the Gorgeous Glamlash Volumising Mascara is a product that even my Mum wants to steal from me (I have since had to get her one)! No matter what your age, long, thick, healthy lashes are desired, but what to do if you don’t want to turn to fake? This mascara is the answer. It dries quickly and lasts for hours, filling in gaps and thickening your lashes from root to tip. Plus, the Glamlash formula protects and regenerates lashes with Vitamin E, Depanthenol and Bamboo extract for moisture balance and smoothness.


Want a lip gloss that is highly pigmented, with an array of superstar colours, lasts for hours without being sticky and actually moisturises your lips? Then the Gorgeous Lip Gloss is waiting for you. My favourite colour for this winter is, Rose – it compliments many different complexions and is a little more subtle than red for the day time. My lips instantly felt silky smooth when I applied this lip gloss – it will have you licking your lips with delight!


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