GROOVE ARMADA @ The Palace, Melbourne. Jan 2010

Saint Savior

Still high from the exhilaration of the Big Day Out contingent sweeping through Melbourne the day before, music from the side gigs continued unabashed.

With a closing performance that erupted in and out of the Boiler Room, dance pioneers Groove Armada ripped up the stage once again at Melbourne’s Palace Theatre. Having overloaded on musical injections that week, a

Another dose of Groove Armadas uplifting beats was too difficult to resist.

Having witnessed Andy Cato and Tom Findlay perform their multi- faceted and highly energized concerts many times in the past, it was always a high caliber affair with exciting

and memorable guest vocalists joining in.

There was always a fun, sassy and vivacious vibe, and this has now been personified in the main addition to the GA line-up. I am speaking of course, about that platinum blonde bundle of energy, front and centre and taking hold of the mic – Saint Saviour. This electric performer seems to not only fit into the Groove Armada mantra, but usurp the stage itself. Hands down, one of the coolest and energetic singers to grace the stage, Saint Saviour never loses composure or the awe of the audience. Enticing the crowd with her avant-garde poses and idiosyncratic vocals, punching and kicking her way through songs, she is the quintessential – œEnergizer Bunny’, keeping the rest of the stage charged and the audience on high voltage.

In her Fifth Element inspired jumpsuit (complete with multi-coloured metal shoulder pads) Saint Saviour let loose with some of GAs newer tracks like Paper Romance and I Won’t Kneel. Yet she had the audience in the palm of her hands when she crooned old favourites Easy and a re-worked My Friend.

The leading lady also had assistance from the super cool MC Mad, Superstylin’ his way onto the stage to a heaving, pulsating crowd that could not get enough of this awesome track. The Groove Armada boys knew it and carried on with the chorus four times over. The floor of the Palace was literally shaking as GAs rhythms palpitated through the walls and the green lights pierced the smoke clinging in the air above the chanting crowd. Along with my all time favourite Get Down and the intoxicating Fogma, it was a treat to see Andy Cato get out his trombone for At The River.

It was a great balance of old and new being exhibited to a wholly satisfied crowd. Living up to their name, Groove Armadas – œfleet’ of talent knocked out the crowd, who were sweaty and out of breath by the end, but with a hug smile on all of their faces. Groove Armada has that ability. They are UK dance geniuses that make feel good music that will be appreciated and enjoyed for many more years and festivals to come.


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