TEEGAN AND SARA @ The Forum, Melbourne. May 2010

Photo by De-tec-tive (Faster Louder contributing photographer)

Sister duo Tegan & Sara were in stellar form at the opulent and ethereal Forum Theatre last Wednesday night in

Melbourne. Performing to a sell out crowd over two nights, the Quin twins from Canada displayed their stage prowess on their final night, to an enthusiastic, hearty and utterly ecstatic crowd.

Despite their understated indie rock image and ability to steer clear of the sticky grasp of the monotonous mainstream radio play list, this duo’s fan base is astronomical. With the reception that Tegan and Sa

ra received, it was more than apparent that the ladies’ mass following were hanging on every word, every syllable and every chord strung.

The adoration people feel for Tegan and Sara emanates as a reflection on their own humble, quirky and fun personalities. Despite the full house attendance, the gig felt intimate and connected. The way Tegan and Sara interact with their audience is as friendly and warm as hanging out in a mate’s lounge room, catching up and having a laugh over a beer. Their music is a balance of alternative rock/ pop, with idiosyncratic vocals and toe tapping beats created by the girls’ masterful guitar and keyboard work.

The night featured tracks from their la

test co- written album, Sainthood, including Alligator, Hell and The Cure, as well as their favoured old songs from previous albums such as Nineteen and Back In Your Head. Tegan and Sara had the entire audience swaying and bopping, as the stage lights beamed from one sister to the other.

Maturing like a fine Merlot, Tegan and Sara have been on the touring circuit for a while now. With half a dozen albums to date, it’s refreshing to see a band grounded in the process of growing as artists, not simply being an overnight success like the Beiber’s of the world. Never taking themselves too seriously, their carefree attitude belies a talent and professionalism, as the two crack gags on stage, bou

ncing come- backs off each other with an ease only siblings’ can possess.

Quipping between songs about hilariously random things like Tegan’s perplexity at buying potato chips from her local store in a neighbourhood laden with prostitutes and drug addicts, as the store clerk asked if she works in the area, or Sara’s severe girl crush on actress Elizabeth Shue, that could only be stifled by eating an excessive amount of gummy snakes.

Comparing herself to a turtle without its shell (despite the comic delivery) displayed that it is obviously on th

e stage and within their lyrics that Tegan and Sara are most vulnerable, and of course like all great artists, most at home. And here in lies their charm. With their no-bullshit attitude, excellent array of songs and infectious Canadian accents, Tegan and Sara managed to win over their fans even more (as well as rope in a few new ones) with

their brilliant and humble performance.


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