JOEY SCANDIZZO – Interview with Australian Hairdresser of the Year

Here is our interview with Joey Scandizzo from back in 2009. Since then, Scandizzo has gone from strength to strength. He has won almost every prestigious hairdressing award, has been involved in numerous fashion shows and has many celebrity clients.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 4.34.29 pm

1. What was it initially about hairdressing that allured you as a young boy?Working with women all day! I found with hairdressing I could be creative and it’s a way people could express themselves and I can do that for them.

2. Explain the fusion between hair and fashion – can one exist without the other? No they can not exist without each other. Hair and fashion is a TOTAL look, they compliment each other.

3. Where does your inspiration for styles, cuts and colours come from? A lot of ideas come from looks off the street and research from what is happening in Europe and Japan. The Japanese have some weird and wonderful looks. But I don’t limit my research just to other hair looks. I also look at static objects – the shape of a trophy, the bend of a tree and I also get inspired by the curl of a wave in the ocean.

4. What do you wish to achieve through your hair dressing talents and Rokk Ebony salon? I want Rokk Ebony to be the best salon in Victoria, and to have a vibrant team. I also want to train successful hairdressers.

5. What would be the ultimate accolade for you? My goal is to win hair dresser of the year!

6. What is your favourite fashion event to be involved in? Sydney and Melbourne fashion weeks. They are fun and it is a chance to be really creative with the hair.

7. What is the most zany shoot you have had to be a part of? The best shoots I’ve been on would be Whitehaven beach and the Sand Dunes in Hawks Nest, Newcastle. It was a mix of love for hair, fashion and the surf.

8. Are you excited about being a part of the Naked Truth and it’s unique angle on a fashion event? I am looking forward to this exciting new event. It will be a great new feature for Melbourne’s fashion festival.

9. What makes a successful hairdresser in your opinion? To be a successful hairdresser you need to be creative, passionate and show determination.And hours of hard work.

10. Which high ranking celebrity have you worked on and whose locks would you love to get your hands into to style? I’ve worked with many celebrities and currently I’m working with Rebecca Twiggly.

11. Favourite Melbourne designer of the moment? I really like Trimapee. They have such creative ideas for fashion and they really push themselves to the limit and leave nothing for chance.

12. If you could steal anyone’s job in the world, who would it be ? That would have to be pro surfer Kelly Slater. A life on the beach and in the surf – perfect!



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