YVÉ GOLD – Interview with the Melbourne Hip Hop Singer, Rapper & Lyricist

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The dynamic and unique soulfulness of YVÉ GOLD is hard to ignore. It settles on your skin, seeps into your pores and injects your bloodstream with a melody of honey amber. It is sweet yet hard, sugary yet complex. The sensational YVÉ GOLD is a rapper, singer and lyricist from Melbourne. Currently featured on Triple J’s Unearthed, YVÉ GOLD really is a talent to watch. With splashes of lyrical smoothness, this as yet unsigned Babylon Lady is set to soar.

Check out our interview with her below and be sure to download her sensational tracks STAT!

1. What would you say is the driving inspiration behind the creation of your music? Expression + Knowledge. Hip Hop has always been a great source for, and of, both.

2. You rap and sing – which do you prefer to perform? Rapping allows me to move completely freely around the stage and connect with the audience. I love to interact with the crowd, so sometimes I’ll even leave the stage and stand with the people, rapping straight to their faces.

3. How did you get into Hip Hop – was it always a favourite genre growing up? My older siblings got me into Hip Hop. Some of the first tracks I remember listening to were by Salt + Pepa and Ludacris. There was always such an array of genres rotating on the stereo. To this day, I remain an avid classical fan and continue to write folky tunes, but Hip Hop will always be my number 1.

4. What do you hope to achieve with your music – how would you like to influence people? Music has always been about 3 things for me. Love, Expressive Freedom and Risk. I mean, everything you do should come from a place of love, you should always express yourself openly, freely, tactfully – and should never be scared to take a risk. This is what I try to portray in the music I make and would love for listeners to do the same.

5. Who is your musical role model? There are so many artists that influence me, each for different reasons. In terms of standing for something and being in it for the right reasons, Lauryn Hill. She always made it so clear that she was in it because of her love for Hip Hop – and she taught us about shared love and wisdom.

6. Do you also create your own musical arrangements as well as lyrics? I work with an array of extremely talented Music Producers who make beats for me. I am, however, currently studying to become a Sound Engineer so I look forward to the day that I can say I’ve produce a few tracks my own.

7. You’ve been described as a Babylon Babe – what does this mean to you? A Babylon Babe is essentially a woman who will not give in to fear. Someone with a lust for life, growth and challenges, a woman with no boundaries. It’s about not being scared to dream and not being deterred by hard work.

8. Who has been your favourite rap collaboration to date? I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some great Melbourne talent – Mose + the FMLY, Deuce Kicks, The Outside Inn, Spike, Kwasi. I don’t really have a favourite, each collab gives me an opportunity to express and share.

9. Who would be your dream collab be with? There are so many people I aim to create with in the future ! At the moment, it’d be amazing to collab with Remi, Jessica Mauboy, Tkay Maidza or Hiatus Koiyote.

10. What’s next for YVÉ GOLD? I’m collaborating with the crew at Watermelon Sundaes and throwing a launch for the ‘Babylon Style EP’.

Kenobi Bar / Sunday – November 30th / 8pm

There’ll be feature acts from Deuce Kicks + The Outside Inn / Dranks, Chicken + Watermelon.

We wanna see as many keen faces as possible !

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– First celebrity crush? Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys)

– Favourite place on Earth? Meteora, Greece

– Who is your style muse? Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie

– What’s on your current stereo playlist? Jay Z, Michael Nyman, Amy Winehouse

– Favourite drinking hole in Melbourne? Emerald Peacock or Francesca’s

– Most prized possession? Self


Find YVÉ GOLD here, and listen to Pen To Paper’s new favourite song, Jackie O [ft. Sebby]


Facebook – YVÉ GOLD

Soudcloud – yveofficial

Instagram – yveofficial

Twitter – yveofficial

And you can vote for YVÉ GOLD in Triple J unearthed here: https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/yvé-gold



One thought on “YVÉ GOLD – Interview with the Melbourne Hip Hop Singer, Rapper & Lyricist

  1. I’ve heard this amazing chick sing & rap. She has both genres down pat! JessicaMauboy & Yve Gold would be fantastic! Would LOVE to see that! Keep up the fab work! My fav: Said & Done!! Love, love, love
    PS: Aannnd she is one HOT chick !


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