HOTEL REVIEW: The Adelphi – Melbourne, Australia


Entering the world of the Adelphi Hotel is like stepping inside a magical portal. Everything is heightened; your senses, your mood, your appetite for sugar. As you step off the Flinders Lane sidewalk – passing beneath the glass bottom of the rooftop pool that daringly juts out stories above your head – and make your way up the staircase to the foyer, you can feel the adventure begin to take hold. Greeted by an array of liquorice coloured stools, a black lacquered dining table that sits before a magnificent wire-bodied stallion pulling the concierge cart aglow behind it, all atop a monochrome chevron rug which is reflected no less by a dark mirrored ceiling that leads its way into the renowned Om Nom Dessert Bar, you know you’re in for an excitingly elaborate and decadently delicious stay.


The Adelphi Hotel is as fun and daring as it is sexy and sleek. It has style and verve spilling out from every available angle, with an air of excitement that is palpable and never pretentious. You are made to feel like a kid in a veritable candy shop, albeit a lot more sophisticated and with better mood lighting. All of your sweetest desires can come true here; it’s a hotel in a sphere all its own where you are lavishly endowed with treats aplenty from your congenial Adelphi hosts.


Prepare to have your senses well and truly engaged at the Adelphi. The sensory undertaking begins with a complimentary drink on arrival, a lovely welcome to literally whet your appetite. Take in the vibrantly colourful and full-lipped mural beauty, painted by Melbourne artist Barry Drinan, as you enter the elevator up to your suite.


Upon entering your abode, you are met with pleasures that few hotels can boast. A personalised welcome note scrawled on your illuminated suite mirror, a nod to the hotel’s dedication to finer details. As your eyes wander over more candy coloured furnishings and a sleek set up, there sits a glass encased lolly bar filled with everything from rich dark chocolate and metallic macaroons to bright pink coconut ice bars, along with a fridge full of non-alcoholic refreshments and an array of boutique teas, completely free of charge and topped up daily. A king sized bed, aptly trademarked as ‘Marshmallow Beds’ that are as comfortable and plush as you can imagine, are the perfect spot to lie back and enjoy unlimited latest release movies, for free.


You will delight in the luxurious Australian skin care brand, Appelles Apothecary, whose aromatic products are stocked in the generously sized bathrooms and contain tantalising ingredients such as Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, Kakadu Plum and Cinnamon Bark.


Throw in free wi-fi and local calls, an iHome docking station and Lavazza Amodo Mio coffee machine and you have yourself a very sweet suite indeed. There is even the very popular option of enjoying your 24 hour room service in bed, which we highly recommend. Breakfast just isn’t the same unless you’re in a Marshmallow Bed watching a Hollywood blockbuster and enjoying mixed berry hotcakes, wrapped in a plush Adelphi robe.

If you’re happy to leave the comfort of your room and head downstairs, then Melbourne’s renowned Om Nom Dessert Bar and Restaurant is there to grant all of your sugary wishes. With sublime signature cocktails and art gallery worthy sweets, there is always room for dessert. Why not do what we did and have dessert before dinner. It will change your world!


Once you have devoured every last morsel at Om Nom, you can take in the CBD scenery on the Adelphi rooftop, where that daring pool basks in the Melbourne glow. In warmer weather there is a poolside bar and deck chairs, and in the cooler months you can sit up there with a blanket and watch the city lights as nightfall descends on the city.


And of course, in case you were so immersed in your Adelphi experience that you forgot, there is a whole city to explore! The hotel is ideally placed in the heart of the Melbourne CBD (in one of my most favourite pockets), nestled between Flinders, Swanston and Collins Street, towards the ‘Paris End’ of the city. The Adelphi is steps away from every possible Melbourne experience – gorgeous espresso places, swanky bars, high-end fashion, fine dining restaurants (including award winning Ezard just downstairs from the Adelphi foyer), world class museums, stunning theatres, live music spots and iconic trams!

The Adelphi is committed to ensuring your stay is uniquely enjoyable and your senses satisfied at every turn. Feel the luxury, taste the decadence, hear the relaxation, see the vibrancy, smell the sweetness. This is a place that you’ll lust to return to.

To book a room at the Adelphi, head to:



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