Welcome to my first Blog post – seeing the world from up on cloud nine… xx

Pen To Paper creator, Lara Antonelli & actress Isabel Lucas in Soho, New York 2010.

Here’s to the moments that defined us. The people who stirred within us . The places we absorbed. The love that was given. And the strength of memory.

This blog was initially started as a means of inspiration, for me to put myself and my volume of work out there to the world, in one coherent site. As fluid and natural as the sharing of love, so too will this Blog endeavour to capture and share the essence of my life (in as much as a Blog possibly could). The people, objects and moments that inspire it – with unabashed freedom.

There will be a myriad of works from the past several years – creative writing, interviews, reviews, cover features – from glossy magazines, cult internet sites, street press and published books. All about music, fashion & life with some travel thrown in for good measure. Oh, and my most endearing subject matter. Love.

I once wrote that it would be my ultimate downfall, because I’m too damned romantic for my own good. Somehow, in the past couple of months I have seen how you can come full circle in your life, and see things from up on cloud 9. It’s an interesting feeling of floating, and I for one hope the bubble never bursts.

I have never ‘liked’ the notion of an internet blog. I for one am very much a pen to paper kinda of girl. I enjoy the concept of physically writing; the feel of the paper, the way your hand writing changes, the smear of the ink, the smell of years of writing. Plus, I tended to be the princess of procrastination. I seem to have awoken from my pseudo creative den of iniquity and decided that my work needs to be followed by other people besides myself.

I have been blessed with moments of serendipity and magic in my life, and never desire to again encounter heart break or despair. I have turned a cynical outlook to one of positive energy and encounters.

I would also like to mention that this first post comes with a special mention to the butterfly keeper, without which, I may not have emerged from my cocoon…….

And with that, here goes…….


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my first Blog post – seeing the world from up on cloud nine… xx

  1. quite intelligent Lara – what an extraordinary start . . . Thanks for the share my friend . . .
    – a note: for some reason i am seeing an image of particular characters in Baldacci’s writings
    [a positive character i might add – a step ‘away’ from politics to this – kudo’s to you]
    – i’ve enjoyed your writing and look forward to more of your insights as well
    – Respectfully submitted, richard w lubrich jr


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