Memories of New York Fashion Week S/S 2010

the big 3Shot of the Big 3 (Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington) taken by Amanda Fordyce @ the Narciso Rodriguez show.

Attending New York Fashion Week in September last year, would have to be hands down, one of the most exhilarating, surreal and wonderful experiences of my life, and indeed, my career to date. It was like a technicolour dream of epic proportions.

New York made her serendipity known to me. And I was ecstatic at the introduction.

The idea to even go to New York (let alone America) was born when MFD was due to release it’s second installment – Manhattan. I had been given great feedback in regards to my interviews within the publication and so, the invitation was handed to me to come and attend Fashion Week. And who better to show me around the famed city, than editor- in- chief and creator of MFD, Angelique Max.

I had never been to America before (but had done Europe twice over strangely enough). New York was the place of my childhood fantasies and iconic movies. It did not let me down one bit. It was magical and rocked me to a unique beat.

I didn’t necessarily want to travel on my lonesome and not have someone by my side I could annoy or experience things with, so I decided I needed a side kick – especially one with an awesome talent that could get as much out of Fashion Week as myself.

Enter Amanda Fordyce.

This amazing pocket rocket is one the most incredible photographers I know.  Not only is she out-going and owns a style all her own, she just gets in there and enjoys herself. She has a true passion for photography and it emanates throughout her body of work, as well as through her personality. It’s hard not to love A-1 and her infectious energy.

I loved New York, and Fashion Week just made it that much better. It was wild. I didn’t sleep, lost weight and drank copious amounts of white wine. I met an array of super spectacular people, some of which broke every stereo type in the book and were down- to- earth, caring and not completely full of shit. They were genuine creatives that were so much fun to hang around with. These international friends were the movers and shakers of Fashion Week. And I cannot wait to return this September to enjoy it all again with them.

I covered the week for MFD’s online arm as well as Cream Magazine’s, as editor extraordinaire Antonino Tati and his beautiful sister Melina were also present at Fashion Week in NY. It was such fun hanging out with these two fashionistas, I just had to contribute some words of my own to Cream.

Thank you to everyone that walked into my life during my stay in New York. And a huge thank you to the people I knew before it, that I experienced this journey with. It was a trip of a lifetime, that blew my mind and an experience I hope to encounter again with you all again soon!

Special thanks to my beautiful brother Jason. New York brought us back to where we needed to be. It was as though the city cupped it’s warm hands around us both and welcomed us like old friends, helping us to re-kindle our sibling connection. Just hanging out in Central Park or shopping down Broadway were moments that will stay with me forever.


3 thoughts on “Memories of New York Fashion Week S/S 2010

  1. I must comment on your piece. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Amanda on the risers while shooting the shows last September during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

    She is everything you described and more. Definitely has the energy, the passion to get the best shot, the eye and a nimble ability to get into the most tiny spaces on the risers . I remember seeing this shot on the back of Amanda’s camera after that show, and being mad jealous for a bit 🙂

    Tonight was the last of the shows for the Fall 2011 collection here in New York and we ended with Naheem Khan and Gwen Stafani. It was not the same without Amanda on the risers with her wonderful accent and her wit.

    Each season comes with a few treasures in terms of the folks you meet and that definitely describes Amanda. I did hang out with a few new Aussies this season but it just wasn’t the same 🙂

    Tell her Irish said hello 🙂


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