Catwalk Theatre Event – LMFF 2010


This debut event held during L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2010 is run by former designer, Oscar Calvo. He commissioned Pen To Paper’s director, Lara Antonelli to write profiles on all of the designers showing, as well as all other press releases relating to the event.

This is definitely the moment you have all been waiting for!

You’ve never seen a fashion show quite like it.

CATWALKTHEATRE is the only one of its kind.

Prepare to be amazed!

CATWALKTHEATRE is a collection of performances that powerfully exude an extravagant fusion of fashion, music, theatre and dance.

CATWALKTHEATRE brings you a fashion showcase at its finest, exhibiting a novel and fresh new approach. A myriad of talented professional dancers will influence fashion in a way never before witnessed. Ideally matching the unique, eye catching and avant garde of Australian Fashion with the iconic styling’s of the world’s most distinct choreographer, Bob Fosse. With trademark slinky moves, quick isolations, rolling shoulders and sleek thrusting movements, Fosse’s world renowned and acclaimed moves will give our dancers a definite leg up, as you marvel at the spectacle that is, CATWALKTHEATRE.

William Llewellyn Griffiths is the innovative artisan whose reference to dark gothic history is embodied in his couture metal pieces. With his amazing craftsmanship of tantalizing, sumptuous and intricate pieces that include headpieces and bodices, it’s no wonder Griffiths’ creations are commissioned for films and high profile clients including Marilyn Manson and Angelina Jolie. His distinct innovation has also led to collaborations with designers Alexander Mc Queen and Vivienne Westwood.
Fauve is French for ‘wild beasts’. It is also the name of the French art movement of painters that utilized bright colours and simplified forms – literally meaning ‘alluding to the violence of colour’. Well, this particular lingerie line has adopted these theories to create a bold, confident and sumptuous label. Fauve is designed and produced by Eveden Limited, leaders in the intimate apparel market, known for their beautiful and exceptionally high quality lingerie. With audacious colours, gallant designs and lavish fabrics, Fauve will leave you feeling as comfortable as you are sensual.
With a formidable designing background that includes formal training at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a scholarship to the prestigious New York Fashion School, there’s no wonder Daniela Orlando is an exciting merging talent. Contemporary with a classic backbone, Orlando’s designs are feminine, sophisticated and uniquely cut with precision and detail. With a focus on high quality fabrics, Orlando’s designs are appealing and effortless.
The Sally Jones Collection of lingerie has already managed to float its delicate scent overseas, having been shown in Paris, New York and the United Kingdom. Designed and manufactured here in Australia, the beautifully alluring collection is inspired by silver screen temptresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Bridget Bardot. With sensual and unique combinations of French lace, silk and tulle, this collection is intimate and feminine, with unique designs that accentuate the siren within.
Not boxed in by generic limitations, Made in Donald is a custom label that makes to order for its clientele. With a true focus on clean lines and classic aesthetics, garments are highly tailored and created with architectural accuracy. With careful consideration to cut, fit proportion and size, Made in Donald is a unique label for the woman that seeks to obtain something individual and specially tailored just for her.
Justine Davis’ innate ability to create an independence of style through cutting edge contradictions has aided in her worldwide recognition. Rich textures, idiosyncratic cuts and eclectic prints govern her label Justine Davis. It’s no wonder these highly stylized, edgy pieces have caught the attention of superstars like Lady Gaga, as well as high end Australian fashion magazines like Cream and Culture Magazine.
Eva Q Huynh designs are romantic and whimsical, a beautiful product of hard work, talent and an environmental conscience. With intricate hand stitched embellishments and a focus on decorative textiles, Eva’s classic silhouettes and softly deconstructed tailoring produces a dream like collection of dresses that are also eco friendly and 100% Australian made.
Drawing inspiration from the beautiful Bondi Beach in Sydney, Lisa Mare’s surroundings began to dictate her fashion creativity. With a modern twist to a retro idea, Lisa’s light hearted crochet swimsuits strongly display originality and sassiness with elaborate designs and fresh colours.
Ever Layne powered onto the fashion scene with a heady air of understated sexiness, united with simple yet boldly chic designs. Ever Layne’s designer Sarah Turner Woolfrey transformed her sunny, creative upbringing along the east coast of Australia into a feminine, carefree and flirty fashion label. Quintessential of an Aussie girl, as confident and comfortable at the beach, as she is on the dancefloor or at a rock concert.
Are you prepared for a jewellery collection whose aesthetic is as striking as its narrative? Behold the PKW collection of intriguing, beguiling and blatantly interesting statement jewellery. Giving a full and hearty backdrop for these structurally unique pieces of art, Walden believes that, ‘the desire for jewellery is a conscious wish for any individual to release an expression of whom they aspire to be; each collection is an inner battle of sorts between one’s mind and heart.’ So whether you dream, explore or create, Walden’s geometric shapes, which are all hand made here in Australia, are certain to be your most highly coveted ornament.
Based in Melbourne, Nikolina Concepts creates exceptional millinery creations. With intricate detailing which includes hand-made silk flowers and brocades, this is one label that merges classic sophistication with a modern curl. Nikolina’s vision is one seen through fresh and innovative eyes, with an exclusive and charming collection that will surely make an impact on the niche millinery market.
Alexandra Harper is the name for exciting and show stopping hats that contradict monotonous trends. Harper’s statement head pieces for both men and women are made with exceptional quality and originality harboured alongside classic millinery techniques. With prominent flair and unabashed quirkiness, Harper’s designs are enough to make the Mad Hatter’s tea party green with envy.

Aftermath – Wrap Up of Catwalk Theatre

As the anticipation of the first ever CATWALK Theatre intensified outside the BMW Edge at Federation Square, guests and designers alike were enjoying a Chambord and champagne cocktail at Beer Deluxe. Flipping through the extensive and exciting program of events to unfold, could hardly prepare all in attendance for what was truly in store for them.

The superb location with its theatre seating and incredible ambience added to the allure of the event. Opening the show with a remarkable and gravity defying performance, NICA graduate Jessica Ward showed off her sublime talents. Balancing on a tripod with her body contorted into all sorts of shapes, she was an incredibly strong performer. Following from Ward, a dance troupe from the reputable Ministry of Dance strutted onto the catwalk to the sounds of Madonna’s Vogue.  With feather fans in hand, the ladies delivered striking poses along the runway, with sass and aplomb.

The show continued with the starring designers thundering onto the catwalk. From lingerie and evening wear, the crowd was impressed with the immeasurable talent emanating from the stage. Highlights included the strikingly beautiful jewellery collection by William Griffith, which complimented Fauve’s sensual lingerie, as well as the sensational head pieces by milliners Alexandra Harper and Nikolina worn by both models and dancers alike.

Overall, it was a splendid event, born of hard work and many creative minds joining forces. Special congratulations to Oscar Calvo, who nurtured the event from its conception to its creation on Tuesday evening. Bringing together so many creatives for one fantastic project was a highly ambitious project, which was implemented with high caliber and passion.


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