CARLOS MIELE – S/S 2012 | New York Fashion Week

Photography by Amanda Fordyce.
Brazilian designer Carlos Miele was a standout show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Beginning with a rhythmic drum beat, Miele’s collection entitled Immersive Landscapes pounded onto to the stage, as four models draped in flowing silk chiffon kaftans walked in succession in tangerine, lime, smoke and aqua. After that powerful opening, Miele made his landscape clear, as virtual and natural environments came together in a tone of eye popping colours and liquefied prints. Brilliant deep coral crepe plunging jump suits with thick bronze belts made an impact, as did Ivanka Trump’s jewelry, which consisted of back- to- front necklaces, that hung down the backs of the model’s low slung gowns. There was also plenty of one shoulder numbers, with sky high splits and wrap skirts that were so sexy yet simple in their execution. Sheer plunging shirts were also a signal to bringing sexy  back to summer – with fiery goldfish print silk satin skirts and gold metallic wide leather belts. With hair slicked back off faces, the startling bling of a gold metal mesh asymmetric top is juxtaposed against the crisp white of a long crepe skirt, to balance the fire with ice. Plus, there was a vivid turquoise long silk charmeuse gown, with petite pleats and a delicate cut that exposed the shoulders, chest and legs, whilst still conveying elegance and an otherworldly appeal. Dresses looked like they were literally on fire or as white hot as the core of the sun itself, but were still as graceful and cascading as the ocean.

The ultimate sun goddess is definitely Miele’s woman. To be found anywhere, from any racial background, but still understanding the heritage of the world that brought us all here.



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