Khamoda : Label Profile

Jess Hart and Lara Antonelli at S/S 2012 NYFW, wearing the Khamoda Sweet Net Black Lace dress.

Khamoda is an exciting new label from a Sydney designing trio; with more than just a love of fashion bringing them together. Sisters Tania, Tamara and Tara launched Khamoda back in 2009, and it is clearly evident that this talented threesome are aptly skilled in creating a unique fashion statement. With dresses that are so acutely modeled on the constituents of the structure of architecture, coupled with the essence of femininity and faultless tailoring, this impressive Australian label is definitely one to look out for.

From the very first moment I caught a glimpse of a Khamoda dress on my PC screen, I was in raptures. Having stumbled upon the label on a social networking site, I immediately messaged Tania Khamo to see if she would agree to my wearing the label at New York Fashion Week. I was keen to only wear Australian labels over there, to represent the awesome talent that the Australian fashion industry produces.
Without a hint of hesitation, Tania expressed three of the dresses I had chosen from the web – straight to me in Melbourne. That in itself displayed Tania to be a trusting and intuitive woman, so a huge thank you again to her for her assistance and willingness – which in the end paid off as I felt like the ambassador for Khamoda overseas, as I wore the dresses four times throughout the week. 🙂

Here I am below with actors Rose Mcgowan (Charmed), Carrie Preston (True Blood, The Good Wife) and comedian Kate Rigg.

All of the dresses fit me to perfection – I was especially taken with the A/W 2010 Collection’s Black Sweet Net dress. It was so amaaaazing, I wore it twice! With cute cap sleeves, perfect length and a gorgeous lace front and back, this dress got a myriad of compliments from girlfriends and strangers alike!

I also loved the tailored structure of the high shouldered, panel fronted, lace detail dress from the above mentioned collection; it was such a strong, bold statement – perfect for Fashion Week!

With superstar stylist, Brad Goreski backstage at NYFW.

And lastly, from Khamdoa’s latest collection that is available to buy, SS 2011/ 12 Storm of the Tropics, I wore a silver zebra print maxi gown, with sweetheart bust and black trimmings. This was a sensational dress to wear for either a glamorous evening out on the town, or as I styled it, with flat sandals from Zomp and a hot little black leather jacket from Mister Zimi. A perfect New York Fashion Week mix – done Aussie style!

For more information on Khamoda, head to


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