Having covered Jill Stuart’s New York Fashion Week S/S 2012 catwalk show back in September of 2011 (https://laraspentopaper.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/jill-stuart-runway-show-nyfw-sept-2011/) , I was instantly impressed with her innate ability to exhibit flawless femininity coupled with alluring aesthetic uniqueness. And when I discovered she had a cosmetics line, I was eager to try it out…….

With silver panels, floral insignia and a gorgeous pink mock gem stone adorning the lid, Jill Stuart’s mascara packaging is a little bit ‘princess chic’ – girly and pretty with injections of pink. I was initially alarmed to see such a tiny brush, as I love my mascara brushes to be big, fluffy and round as I always want to achieve long, separated, natural looking lashes without any clumps. What always annoyed me about mascara was the smudging in the corners after a day of wearing it, as well as the need to scrub your delicate eye area every night to remove any indication that it had been worn at all.

Then along came JS Extra Volume Mascara. It has a unique formula that means each individual lash is covered in a rich black lacquer, that is shiny and lengthens each lash. There is no chance of clumping, and no chance of smudging. It washes away with warm water, almost like false eyelashes, you can just gently pull at them and they slide straight off the lash. It is revolutionary and my eyes have never looked better!! So easy to apply and the coil even helps to create a black line at the base of your lashes, similar to a liquid eyeliner pen. Goes on silky smooth and opens up my eyes with a rich black shiny mascara!

Love it!

Product features:

  • Increases the volume while clearly separating them.
  • A polymer and quick-drying powder are blended together to effectively to maintain the volume of your lashes.
  • Soft and finely textured mascara spreads smoothly and evenly.
  • Original coil and comb system, coil equipped with a spring, firmly grasp the  fluid and coats the lashes from roots for a voluminous effect. Sharp comb then provides a beautiful fan shaped finish with no clumping or sticking together.
  • Film type mascara smudge free but easily removed with soap and water.
  • Resistant to sebum sweat and tears for long lasting finish
  • Contains pure crystal powder and crystal floral bouquet fragrance

You can purchase from the Jill Stuart Beauty Collection via – www.myshopping.com.au.


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