BORNE @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. Aug 2007

Image by Nicki Connolly (Herald Sun)

There are some bands that come along and instantly sweep you off your feet. You’re carried away by the strong current of their music, submerged in the meaning of their lyrics and completely immersed in their melody. Borne is one such band.

Forget all your clichéd views on rock bands and their hard as granite image. Borne adds a dose of heart to their concoction of rousing guitar chords, with a dash of drums and a dollop of lead singer Cameron Tapp’s stellar vocal talents.

Comprising also of Scott Thornburn on bass, Pete McDonald on drums, Steve Kucina on guitar, Borne cemented global success with the release of their single The Guide on i Tunes. It was embraced wholeheartedly, truly displaying how music has no boundaries. I first heard about Borne from a close friend traveling around Germany, who had downloaded the track. Strange that I would hear about a Melbourne band from half way across the world, but therein lies the beauty. Borne’s music has crossed international borders, resulting in the lads performing at some of the most prestigious gigs around the globe. In between shows throughout Australia and a myriad of television performances, the band managed to mesmerise crowds at the Make Poverty History ZERO SEVEN concerts, Hyde Park Calling and the illustrious SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

It’s exciting to discover a home grown band whose sound and attitude projects a completely down to earth image, an endearing feat which is reflected by their supporters. There’s a genuine sincerity in Cameron’s lyrics, which is a refreshing change to the mundane, generic pop tunes hitting airwaves of late.

Their debut album Loss of Signal will keep you hooked up until the last verse. This album is solid gold, with carats like the romantic “The Guide“, rocking “Chariot” or my undeniable favourite, the emotive “One Last Time”.

When Borne showcased Loss of Signal to the rowdy Melbourne crowd at the Corner Hotel on the weekend, the meaning of the album’s title became clear. In a world that is dominated by a reliance on electronic communication people have lost touch with one another, yet Borne is re-connecting the masses, leaving an army of admirers in their musical wake.


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