WARREN TRICOMI – Interview with the Master Hair Stylist

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with hair stylist extraordinaire, Warren Tricomi, backstage at Douglas Hannant’s NYFW S/S 2012 show back in September. He gave me an insight into the styling for the collection, as well as key looks for spring and summer, that are sure to have ladies locks in a frenzy! With exceptional salons named Warren- Tricomi (Tricomi is in partnership with renowned hair colourist, Joel Warren) in New York, Connecticut, Los Angeles and Miami, it’s no wonder Tricomi has worked with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein and has a plethora of loyal clientele after styling hair for over two decades with a celebrity list which include Natalie Portman, Ashley Judd and Sharon Stone!

Lara Antonelli interviewing Warren Tricomi backstage at NYFW.

1. How have you incorporated the key look for spring hair into Douglas Hannant’s New York fashion week collection?

The key for spring is to keep cool. That out of the shower look is a cool one for spring and summer. With a scarf or fabric wrap around the hair, remembering too that you can always exhibit a bit of colour! It’s meant to be fun, the ‘wet head’ look; slicked back or tied up in a top notch – it displays good bone structure.

2. What is your favourite fabulous product to aid in this look, and keeping hair slick for summer?

Warren-Tricomi’s ‘Absolute Frizz Control’, as seen on TV – literally! It is sulfate and paraben free.

3. What do you think is the best way to approach hair styling and what will always remain in vogue?

It’s all about knowing the right thing to do at the right time. The right hair style can sometimes be put together quickly, as long as it is not messy though. It needs to be strong, fun, young and elegant but always with a twist.

Even the simple tools of hairspray and a curling iron can create styles from the 17th and 18th century Baroque age which proves they have withstood the test of time due to adaptations popping up in modern popular culture. Take Star Wars’ Princess Leia’s side buns. And Galliano has been doing it for years. Taking from all eras and making it work for now.

4. What do you enjoy so much about being involved in fashion week shows and what do you love about the Douglas Hannant collection?

Douglas’ shows are always so fun. There is a rock n’ roll band out there that is going to play [The Vandelles, hailing from Brooklyn, NY] and he makes such well-made clothes. I have also previously worked shows for Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent. I’ve been doing this for many years, you know the designers who make their clothes with a twist.

warren2 (1).jpg
Models backstage at the Douglas Hannant show, with hair styled by Tricomi. Photo by Lara Antonelli.

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