Alex + Alex : Label Profile


Shoes are the epitome of style. A statement in their own right, shoes have taken over the accessory hierarchy – usurping all to become a focal point for the right outfit. The status of women’s shoes in particular, has reached a monumental peak. They ooze personality and charisma and are the very hallmark of current trends juxtaposed with classic fashion sense. Shoes are well known for their fetish status and are arguably the most sought after fashion item, giving a good nudge to the little black dress and over-sized handbags a run for their money.
Everyone wants gorgeous, show- stopping shoes. Yet where to find these little treasures? Where are those perfect pairs lurking? Behold the beacon of delight shining on the words…. Alex & Alex. The answer for all those ladies looking for unique, sassy and sexy shoes that are miles from the plastic totting mainstream chains swamping our shopping centres.
Alex & Alex shoes embodies a classical elegance and old-world tailoring charm that  incorporates comfort with eye catching styles and colours. The creator of the label likes to keep a low profile and can be viewed somewhat, as a grand scale artful dodger highly skilled in the art of shoe design and with talented and brilliant personnel to aid in motioning his label into the trendiest boutiques and onto the feet of adoring women the nation over.
Assistant designer for Alex & Alex is the lovely Catharine Dunn (aka China), the lady on the lips of all the true fashionistas in the know around Melbourne, Sydney and abroad. With a vast and detailed history within fashion ranging from menswear to bridal, China was sought to assist in all aspects of colour and design, as well as taking on the marketing side of things. The key aspect that is so special about Alex & Alex shoes is their exclusive stockists and the limited number of shoes made. It is the age-old meeting of creativity and exclusivity, with individuality the ordained offspring. Without flooding the market with shoes that are being shimmied off a production line the size of a football field, Alex & Alex shoes has transformed from a whisper around the fashion circles to a full blown chorus singing it’s praises.
The latest collection of svelte shoes includes electrified colours not even a rainbow could concoct including coral, purple, jade, bronze and pink. The styles are to die for, with peep toes adorned with bows, trendily chunky or sexily skinny manolo heels and materials such as red hot patent leather, snake skin, suede and velvet. These shoes are absolutely awesome and were showcased in the White Suede catwalk shows at Mercedes Australia Fashion Week in Sydney a few months back.
Become a member of the shoe fetish society for women and know what it feels like to have people stop you in the street to scream in delight, “I love your shoes, where did you get them from!?” I promise you, that quote comes from personal experience after brandishing my own Alex & Alex shoes, and it was from the Origliasso sisters, otherwise known as The Veronicas.

You can track down a pair of these gorgeous shoes by contacting (02) 9241 1996 to find out which boutiques stock them in your state.


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