CHANTELLE DELANEY: Interview with the superstar singer/ songwriter


This is the stuff of dreams.  Immeasurably talented young girl steals the hearts of Australia’s singing icons, graces a myriad of stages and television screens and goes on a fairy tale path to pursue her musical destiny in the shiny land of Los Angeles…….. Yet, don’t be easily fooled. This is one songstress who has persevered with determination, strength and courage to follow her road to superstardom. Through her ability to radiate a distinct light of optimism and humble generosity, Chantelle Delaney will continue to win hearts the world over. On the cusp of greatness, Chantelle is working with the best in the business to release her debut album. Taking some time out from her gruelling schedule, the effervescent and sweet- hearted Chantelle divulged some of her greatest inspirations and phenomenal achievements thus far. This rising star is bound to be a spectacular one.


* What was it about performing as a little girl for your family and friends that truly sparked that creative energy within you?

From a very young age,  my love for music really blossomed. My Dad was in a few bands and I would go to band practise with him. I’m not sure how impressed his band mates were, as I would try to take control by making up my own lyrics and always needing to be on the microphone. Looking back, it really must have been annoying for them!  My Dad and I would play instruments and sing together a lot when I was growing up. Dad taught me how to play guitar at the age of 5, before going to professional lessons at 6. By 6 years of age I started performing on stage, and after each performance I did, I never wanted to get off that stage! I knew very early in life that I wanted to do nothing else but sing! Music has always been that one thing that makes me happy no matter what. That’s the thing I love about music – it makes everyone happy. I am very blessed with such a supportive, loving, amazing family and friends. I guess it was their support that made me believe in myself and follow my dreams.

* From a young age, Australian musical superstars like Slim Dusty and Olivia Newton- John have realised your superb talent, and you have had the chance to tour/ sing with them. What did you learn about the music industry from these icons?

Slim Dusty told me I had the “voice of an angel” and a “god given gift”. That was so nice to hear from someone like him. He was very serious about performing and would hardly speak to anyone before he went on stage. As I was opening the shows for him [Delany toured with Slim Dusty at the age of 12], he would come up and always have a chat to me, which made me feel very special. He always used to tell me, “Go get them kid!”

Olivia Newton- John is one of the most beautiful ladies, inside and out. Performing one of Olivia’s hit songs with her on stage to a sold out crowd is something I will never forget. In fact I sung, Hopelessly Devoted to You and then I introduced Olivia onto the stage for our duet. I loved Olivia in Grease and have always looked up to her. She has been one of my role models since I started singing. I was very fortunate to spend time with her overseas in China raising money for her Cancer and Wellness center with other entertainers. I have learnt so much from watching Olivia perform over the years and also from her as an individual. One thing she taught me is to “always be yourself”. With that in mind, you can never go wrong!

* When did you originally decide to move to Los Angeles and how did you cope with that transition from your original home in country Queensland?

Coming from Queensland to Melbourne was a bigger step for me, as I was so young. However, I found Los Angeles and Melbourne very similar. I had been to L.A many times so it has been a natural transition spending more time there. I really do love L.A –  the people are friendly & there is always something to do! It’s a very inspiring place. I’m still back and forward from L.A to Australia, so I have the best of both worlds!

* How excited were you to be chosen as the gorgeous Face and Ambassador of the iconic Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival, as well as the Myer Fashion on the Fields Ambassador?

I loved being apart of such an iconic Australian event. The Melbourne Cup Carnival is the race that stops a nation, so to be apart of it was just amazing. It was an enjoyable & very busy few months and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. I remember as a little girl, my primary school would get so excited about the Melbourne Cup. We would pick out a horse’s name from a hat and I always seemed to have luck on my side and always won! 🙂 Sitting in my little classroom in country Queensland, I never would have thought that I would become the Ambassador for the carnival! I also loved being dressed in Myer’s latest range of clothing – it was so exciting having my own stylist and getting pampered for all the events and media calls. The whole experience; from the social aspect, to the sporting and fashion side of things was just awesome. I was so proud to be the Ambassador and enjoyed every minute of it!

* Despite your incredible journey and rise through the musical ranks, you have managed to keep an open mind and heart, and because of that, your music speaks to a wide audience. What inspires you most when writing your music?

I love that when writing music, I have the power to conjure emotions and spark my imagination. A lot of my inspiration comes from interactions I have with other people and the emotions that these interactions create. Lately, I have found I am truly writing lyrics from my heart and showing my vulnerability and who I am as an artist. I want to paint a vivid picture with my songs, so that people can relate. I love that when it comes to inspiration, there is no right or wrong. When you feel inspired you just have to go with that feeling and see where your inspiration will take you. Songwriting makes me very happy. Sometimes I feel that I can’t express myself,  yet I never have a problem expressing myself through song. I love the saying, “When words fail, music speaks”.

* You are currently working with the most sought after producers in the world. Is it a daunting experience to try and impress or does it motivate you to strive even higher?

Without a doubt it is definitely motivating and inspiring working with the people I am currently working with. I feel so lucky to be working with these incredibly talented. I am lucky to have my manger, Lori Leve [Leve has managed other such artists as Macy Gray and Meredith Brooks].  She has introduced me to Grammy Award Winning songwriters & producers. I’m working with people I have always dreamed of collabarating with! Lori has been in the US music industry for a long time. I love that she is a part of my career and my team – I trust her opinion – she is very honest, real and I value her. But, I’m not going to lie – sometimes it can be a little daunting walking in and meeting someone who has worked with the best artists in the world. However, when it comes time to start writing lyrics or music, that all goes out the door as it is all about creating something together, and I just feel excited, happy and focused.

* How important and special is it to have the support of your friends and family, as well as old and new fans from around the world? How do they impact on your view of life?

Nothing makes me happier then getting a Twitter or a Facebook message from someone new or old – who has known about my music or just discovered it.  I love that music has the power to touch people’s hearts. My family and friends are a wonderful support and I am very grateful! I have some very loyal Twitter and Facebook followers that I love hearing from and I look forward to getting more! It does impact my life in a positive way as it inspires me to keep writing and performing.

  • First celebrity crush? Jonathan Taylor Thomas (from Home Improvement).
  • Perfect vacation spot? I love Bali. The locals are such beautiful people; the atmosphere enlightening and relaxing.
  • What artists are getting numerous plays on your iPod? I use my Ipod to go running, so I have a real mix of songs, genres and artists. I really have an appreciation and love for all genres of music. I have everything from Adele to Taylor Swift, through to Notorious BIG and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
  • Favourite fashion designer? My three favourites are: Sass and Bide, Bettina Liano & Aurelio Costarella. I’m loving all the Aussie Designers, we have such talent in Australia. I also like wearing Rachel Gilbert,  Ellery & Nicola Finetti.
  • Biggest vice? I’m obsessed with my Iphone……. there is always something exciting to do on it!


To find out more about Chantelle Delany and her beautiful music, head to:!/chon_delaney


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