Melbourne Spring Fashion Week – MSFW 2012 – Runway 2

Photography by Lucas Dawson

The second runway show from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week opened with Arthur Galan (above) setting the tone for the futuristic twist on a spring palette. With ultramodern eye-visors by Alexandra Blak, the Arthur Galan collection was sleek, sexy, chic and polished. Graphic print or blue and black block-coloured suits, plus sunflower yellow tasselled tops with high waisted pants dominated the mood for Galan’s sophisticated spring assemblage.

Label Above (indeed, pictured above) had models adorned in sheer apron-like overlays that gave way to literal ‘spring on the catwalk’ looks – vials of flowers as brooches… An interesting adaptation of botany meets fashion, but is it one that will be embraced by the general public?

Carly Hunter (above) displayed some fantastic cuts, including one burnt orange dress, with a split sliced to perfection, displaying a chic earthiness that followed throughout the rest of the collection. Rorschach-esque inkblot print, black and white sheer tops, jeans and dresses were a welcome addition to the collection – simple yet impactful.

Alice Euphemia (above) was sensational, opening with black leather shorts and a crisp white shirt. Soft, delicate yet highly cognisant prints (almost like a mix between what is seen within a biologist’s microscope and thumb prints) were displayed in dresses and cute high waisted bathers and crop tops. With some fantastic floral water colour prints, Alice Euphemia also managed to wow the audience with a remarkable emerald green sequined mini dress, which looks to be the ultimate party dress for the season.

Perennial fashion favourite, Life With Bird (above), delivered yet again with an amazing and intricately patterned crop top and shorts, using the same gorgeous pattern throughout, coupled with oversized cuffs, incisive high-necked, sleeveless shirts. Shift dresses with cleverly cut overlays gave the outfits a Life With Bird signature stamp – a stunning vision of design; intricate, bold, clever and ravishing with the inclusion of lilac, interworked pastels and charcoal.

Jayson Brundson (above) entered with a powerful deep scarlet jacket and skirt combo and an astonishing nude sequined knee-length dress, a definite for my Christmas list. The lady like glamour continued with a very sexy yet poised leopard print dress with lace décolletage detailing. The silver headbands gave a nod towards the future, whilst still harking back to the past and the fusion of both times, with a marvellous metallic lace, peplum halter-neck gown . A fabulous and soon to be coveted collection from Brundson.

Yeojin Bea’s YB J’aime (above) encapsulated all the key trends for summer, but with a refined, feminine bend. Lilacs, mint, pink, nude, floral graphic prints – she amalgamated these crucial elements with pant suits, shorts, buttoned up shirts, shoulder cut capes, elegant slip dresses and figure hugging mesh and textured full length gowns. Fun, flirty and youthful with a refreshing colour swatch perfect for sunshine.

Manning Cartell (above) managed to make a crop top, bolero and high waisted embellished pencil skirt, in hot and soft pastel pink, work a treat – it was incredible and glamorous. The kind of achingly wonderful outfit you just want to get your hands on. Very 1960s Miami, sipping a champagne cocktail by the pool. Flowers and nudes dominated once again, with an ever so slight tulip-shaped, modestly cut dress bounded down the runway, quick to become a Spring Carnival favourite. Mixing electric purple glitter with peach pastel pants and grey scale floral prints with black and white geometric shapes, the Manning Cartell collection was spot on.

To finish, Thurley provided some wow-worthy, eye-popping colour combinations. Gold and pastel pink Egyptian like printed dresses and neon floral short suits, juxtaposed with a brilliant white tuxedo jacket, complete with tails. Thurley concluded with more white – detailed white gowns complete with feathers, sequins, beading, mesh, and a show stopping full length lace concoction closed out the show with confidence.

Photography by Lucas Dawson.


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