ELLY LOUISE – Label Profile

elly louise
Models Rikki Lee and Mena. Photographed by Emily Abay, styled by Lyndel Yeo and makeup by Monica Gingold.

Like ethereal visions, as ephemeral as they are striking, Elly Louise’s muses are shrouded in stunningly delicate fabrics. Flowing like energetic water through their barren surrounds, they are a contradiction to the bare, sharp trees and grey, listless skyline.

The softness of the beautifully designed dresses seem to caress these models who seem more like mystical sirens standing against the wind, enrapturing us with their melody. Yet, instead of water the pale skinned maidens stand bare foot in a dried up salt lake, seemingly yearning for the sea. The purity of their supple pink and white gowns creates a balance within the shoot – soft and hard, delicate and harsh, blossoming and bare.

In the realm of reality however, this shoot location isn’t taken from the pages of the Iliad by Greek poet Homer, but is in fact Lake Tyrell, 5 hours drive from Melbourne. Not only is this a dramatic and dazzling location, it is aptly brought to life by the stellar styling prowess of Lydel Yeo. Her vision is captured by photographer Emily Abay and assistant Daniel Schache. The mystical models, Rikki Lee Lacco and Mena Lovin are transformed by make-up artist Monica Gingold.

This remarkable shoot for label Elly Louise was made possible by a successful and determined team, who once again have highlighted their talents at constructing a uniquely impressive and poignant shoot.


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