Sex, Drums, Rock n’ Rave Compilation feat. SoulWax, Justice + more – Album Review

rock n raverock n ravesex.jpg

This is one for the cool kids. Keep those Ray Bans on to avoid the neon t-shirt glare, strap on your Nike Airs and prepare to pop to the phat beats of this killer compilation.

Mainstream it is not. Good enough to blast from your car stereo it is.  Today’s dance/ rock scene is a chameleon genre, changing colour across a varying musical leaf, incorporating an exciting diversity of sound as fluid and penetrable as liquid nitrogen.

There is a whole cavalcade of stellar producer/ band combos on this album that would make any dance fiend hot under the collar and weak at the knees. Offering some tantalising remixes from the captains of the dance/ rock infused scene, Frenchy superstars Justice along with Belgium group Soulwax tear it up on this album.

Soulwax have been delivering unrelenting and thrilling tunes to the scene also under the guise of 2 Many DJ’s for years and join forces with other talented acts to produce an attitude drenched compilation.

Midfield General’s ‘Rave Disco’ warms up the hearing organs with their inexorable pumping opening track, whilst club favourite Gossip’s ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ gets served up Soulwax Nite Version style. One of the hottest songs doing the rounds is The Mystery Jets’s ‘The Boy Who Ran Away’ and it doesn’t loose any of it’s heat re- dubbed by Riton.

A stand- out track is Alan Braxe & Fred Falke remix of the Test Icicles’s ‘What’s Your Damage?’ – a tune that is like being trapped in Purgatory between the realms of 80’s electronica, heavy metal and dance/ rock indie. Who wants to be in heaven with music like this? This track is a true purveyor of the amalgamation of this musical niche that houses several genres who have become exceptional bed buddies.

Even Milanese born disc jockey Benny Bennasi’s ‘Satisfaction’ gets the once over by Who Made Who. The Presets, who are staples on a compilation of this thundering nature, make an appearance via a Digitalism remix. Plus, the Brits I love to love, Bloc Party are offered up to a MSTRKRFT remix, whilst Activ8 take us out in a shower of pounding drums and keyboard synths covering every aspect of the aptly titled Sex, Drums, Rock N’ Rave with precision.


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