Good Times Vol. 7 by NORMAN JAY – Album Review

Notting Hill Carnival

Damn, Norman Jay has packed a whole lot o’ soul into this album. In fact, he has loaded almost every genre under the sun on to this double CD. With a revolving barrel of disco, reggae, hip hop and uplifting house; Norman Jay fires a range of eclectic tracks. But you’d be forgiven for thinking that Mr. Jay has got his tune turning fingers in many musicals pies just for the hell of it.

His reputation for bringing classic heritage tracks to the forefront of contemporary minds, precedes him. His remastered tracks reside quite comfortably wafting across crowds at the Notting Hill Carnival as more recent house hits. Which is exactly where Norman Jay is most at home. Actually, the man reigns supreme at this UK street festival – the biggest in Europe. This Good Times compilation is the seventh in Norman Jay’s collection and his enduring residency at Notting Hill has become synonymous with the event itself.

So, needless to say Jay is notorious for rediscovering some stellar songs. Yet, as much as I fancy John Travolta in a wide collared shirt and nipple high trousers, I am not a fan of disco. However, the few disco tracks that feature are over- shadowed by more stand- out tracks such as Modaji’s ‘Grass Is Greener,’ ‘Just Right’ by Bare Knuckle Soul, the reggae rhythms of Sister Riddum’s ‘Extended Spirit,’ the feel good eighties track ‘Attention To My Baby’ by Shalamar and the hot ‘Keep On Trying’ by Antoine Clamaran.

Norman Jay aptly closes the album with The Love Affair’s ‘Bringing Back The Good Times,’ triggering a definite nod to the defrosting of winter and the blooming good times of spring and summer to come.


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