Stainless Style by NEON NEON – Album Review


Pull open the doors, slide onto the smooth dark leather seats, crank up the volume and watch as the neon signs race reflectively over the dash whilst you listen to Neon Neon’s debut album, Stainless Style. No other album has endeavoured to tell the story of a billionaire playboy with the fervour that Neon Neon has. And not just any billionaire playboy – the world’s first engineer playboy – John DeLorean.

The story of DeLorean is one of absolute debauchery, wealth and obviously enough, fast cars. DeLorean managed to borrow a whopping 85 million pounds from the British Government to construct the automotive empire that was The DeLorean Motor Company back in 1975. DeLorean was the genius behind the stainless steel designed DMC-12, known simply as ‘The DeLorean’. Yet, to keen movie fans, it was known as the kick- ass car turned time machine, immortalised by Marty McFly and Doc in the blockbuster 80’s flick, Back To The Future.

As with all things that rise to the top at mind- blowing speed, they must come crashing down with the same zeal. DeLorean’s rich lifestyle began to decay along with the financial stability of his company and the state of his freedom, his cocaine loving days drawing to a close as the prison bars were about to resound about his ears.

Yet, it is the licentiousness and crazy partying that the Neon Neon couple want to extract and venerate on vinyl and compact disc as an ode to the playboy’s life. Super Furry Animals front man Rhys Gruff and producer Boom Bip (otherwise known as Bryan Hollon) are the duo behind the neon glare of Stainless Style, as it drips with 80’s electro pop and disco interjected with crunk and hip hop.

Stainless Style is an album that epitomises that deep seeded pop culture image of driving super sleek, fast and sexy cars with a bombshell in the passenger seat giggling with delight at the charming, albeit somewhat sleazy, man behind the wheel. It reflects the superficial, hedonistic and celebrity obsessed world that DeLorean inhabited. Songs like ‘Trick For Treat’ and ‘Lust For You’ exemplify this with lyrics of, ‘I curse you/ I love you/ I lust for you/ If the price is right.’

There is the candy sweet ‘Dream Cars’ that serenades us with the lyrics, ‘Dream Girls in Cool Cars, Your Chariot Awaits’. There is ‘Raquel’ indicating DeLorean’s romance with sex symbol Raquel Welch, as well as ‘Michael Douglas’ and ‘Steel Your Girl’.

Stainless Style tells the jet- setting story of a society distracted by glimmering sports cars, big bangle toting gals, shiny suits and continuous partying – a life one playboy in particular lapped up and Neon Neon has now dished up for all of us to audibly gorge on.


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