MARIPOL: Interview with the Iconic Stylist + Photographer

maripol and madonna polaroid

Maripol with Madonna, whom she styled in the 80’s for her Like A Virgin era.

1.       What was so enticing to you, as a young French girl, about America and especially New York?

All the myths about America that I grew up with enticed me. From the music legends to the grandiosity of the city and the style of people during 1976. This coupled  with clubs like Studio 54 provided an inspiration of glamour. I felt like a new pioneer again! But as a matter of fact they called us ‘euro trash’.

2.       How did you manage to break onto the styling scene?

It came naturally – I guess I had an original sense of fashion. People often asked me if I was a stylist and I would say ‘no’, but then I got tired of being asked and I began to say ‘yes’. Then the jobs were coming in! Even Jean Paul Goude used me as a model/ stylist, as well as Italian scouters for Fiorucci hiring me.

3.       You have so many creative talents, from styling and directing to photography and fashion designing, what is one vocation you wish you could have also pursued?

I wish I had pursued being a criminal lawyer. I went to get registered at the university and crashed into a tree on the campus with my car so I looked at that as a bad omen and turned around and passed the entry to l’ecole des beaux arts. Destiny!

Also I would love to paint with oils!

4.       Which celebrity do you wish you could re- style because their current look just isn’t working for them?

I look into those gossip magazines with best and worst dressed celebrities. It’s funny because even the best dressed have the worst looks and vice versa. I would not want to dress anyone that are big girls now!

5.       You recently exhibited your Maripolarama collection of Polaroid’s in Melbourne. What about our fair city intrigued you?

I felt like I was propelled into 18 Century England, the architecture and the tramways. The Brighton beach boxes reminded me of the old painted cabanas. Amazing city, the museums are great and people are very friendly!

6.       How did you become the art director for Fiorucci and what was the best part of that job?

The transition was kind of natural again. I got to travel extensively and got to give opportunities to young designers to have their designs sold there and to have artists parties, since the boss was in Milan, it was freedom!

Random questions…

  • First celebrity crush?  Jim Morrisson when I was 17
  • Secret vice?  Topless at the beach
  • Favourite item of clothing?  Underwear!
  • Favourite city in the world?  Paris
  • Polaroid or digital cameras? Polaroid
  • Most romantic thing you’ve ever done (or had done to you)?  Traveling Italy by motorcycle with my love and staying in first class hotels.
  • Most memorable scene from a movie?  ‘All about Eve’ – Tirade of Bette Davis about her understudy stealing her role!

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