MELBOURNE SPRING FASHION WEEK – Flashback to our 2008 coverage of MSFW

tb1s pic2 Photography by Amanda Fordyce

With this iconic fashion festival just around the corner, Pen To Paper delved into the archives to pull out one of the earlier articles by Lara Antonelli.

You can smell it in the air, see in the trees and feel it in the sunshine. Spring has finally shown it’s head from behind the winter clouds and no other fashion festival reiterates this more clearly than Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. A cavalcade of fashion exhibitions, functions, parties and of course, runway shows. This week we let our resident fashion photographer, Amanda Fordyce loose around the catwalk, running wild and displaying her talent and artistic flare. Her unique approach to this years MSFW snap shots exhibit raw yet beautiful, intimate and more spontaneous moments of fashion week that are rarely captured so eloquently on film.

Despite the spring flavour of the festival, there was plenty of black for the season ahead revealing once again that no matter what the temperature, black is always a smart and sophisticated staple look for all Melbournians. There were also light floral designs with flowing fabrics alongside cute party dresses and great looks for the races you can back as favourites to win over the ladies.

Overall, MSFW is always a wonderful week that sees the city come alive with hyper- activity as fashionistas come out of hibernation, fervently looking forward to the warmer seasons ahead.


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