DAVID BOWIE IS – A Documentary

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It is absolutely mind-boggling to realise just how influential David Bowie has been in popular culture for the past several decades. Not only has he significantly influenced modern day music – quoted as being one of punk’s most seminal influences, blurring the lines between glam rock, punk rock and pop – he is also an icon in fashion and film. From high-end fashion designers to playing the renowned Goblin King Jareth in Labyrinth, Bowie is one of the greatest and most referred to artists of our world. Charming, charismatic and truly unique, Bowie never imitates. From his prolific taste in fashion, costuming, stage design, illustrations and musical arrangements – even to how he constructs his songs lyrically – Bowie is in a league all his own and is a chameleon in every sense of the word.

Which is why it is so exciting that not only is there a world renowned and record-breaking David Bowie exhibition that is coming to Melbourne in 2015 as part of Winter Masterpieces (in which our fine city will be “doused in Bowie and Bowie-fied”), there is a documentary film showing at ACMI called, David Bowie Is, opening November 7th, 2014. This documentary is about the exhibition and showcases all of the Bowie history that pieces together a picture of who David Bowie is, and what he meant to so many. There is no way to pigeon-hole Bowie, hence the name of the documentary being, David Bowie Is; it is up to the audience to decide what he is to them as individuals. The curators of the exhibition take you on a journey behind the making of it, and it is a truly fascinating adventure, whether you are a die hard Bowie fan or not, it is extremely intriguing and will leave you breathless as to the immeasurable talent of the man, the legend, the Ziggy Stardust that is, David Bowie.

Tickets to the screenings of David Bowie Is at ACMI are on sale now via http://www.acmi.net.au.


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