Melbourne International Film Festival MIFF 2016 – Opening Night Gala

Image by Lara Antonelli-Leorke

The 65th Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) Opening Night Gala took place at Hamer Hall on Thursday night, as film buffs the country over giggled excitedly into their salted popcorn in anticipation of sitting in the dark for the next couple of weeks.

The Gala which was sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka was opened by none other than Academy Award winning (plus Emmy and Tony Award winning too!) actor Geoffrey Rush, who managed to rhyme his opening speech with the charisma and hilarity we so love him for.

Geoffrey Rush opens the MIFF Gala. Image credit: Jim Lee Photo 2016

The Opening Night film was The Death and Life of Otto Bloom, which starred Rachel Ward and her daughter Miranda Brown (as her younger self), with Xavier Samuel as Otto Bloom. Directed by Cris Jones, the film was a mind twister, with the protagonist Otto experiencing life in reverse – he has no memories of the past, only of the future, which are of course yet to happen. The film will have you questioning the very existence of time itself, and with it’s unique ‘mockumentary’ perspective, it is an interesting look at relationships and the important role that memory (shared and individual) plays within our interconnected lives.

MIFF runs from 28 July – 4 August. Head here for more info and MIFF movies:

Miranda Brown, Xavier Samuel and Rachel Ward on the MIFF blue carpet. Image credit: Jim Lee Photo.



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