Melbourne Museum : Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery Opening

Augustus Leorke making friends with one of the Children’s Gallery frogs. Photography by Lara Antonelli-Leorke.

There are many things that excite young children, and none more so than an entire section of a museum dedicated to playing, learning and interacting in a super cool space that has been curated by none other than the children themselves! This is what the new Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery at the Melbourne Museum has achieved – a wonderful and exciting place that inspires, encourages and educates with activities and games that are totally immersive and unique in a bright, spacious and magical environment.


The opening morning included some creepy crawly friends – a curious python, dangling stick insects and gentle shingleback lizards – as well as trays of fresh fruit and popcorn. The Gallery was opened by Pauline Gandel with a bang of confetti, as the children ran to discover what lay ahead.


From the gigantic dinosaur skeleton that greets you, to the towering adventure playground (it’s like nothing you’ve seen before) and outdoor garden complete with sand pit (for excavating dinosaur bones, of course!), the Gallery is a welcoming and mesmerising place to visit. There is a mirrored ‘animal disco’ section, where kids are transformed by  clever lighting; a bubble making machine; colourful igloos to navigate; water spitting frogs; and so many more things to touch, feel, play and have fun with! There are also chill out sections for kids to rest and relax, eat their lunch or read a book. The Gallery is such an impressive place to spend quality time with your little ones, catering for babies and children up to 5 years (although, it will be hard for the adults to resist getting in on the fun playing action!).


To celebrate the opening of the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery, and to welcome a new generation of children to the museum, every baby born, fostered or adopted in Victoria in 2017 will receive a free 6 month membership. Together with the Government of Victoria, Melbourne Museums and the Gandel Philanthropy, it’s lovely to see that these organisations and people have the happiness, education and development of children at heart. Our little boy Augie had an absolute ball and was intrigued by every aspect of the Gallery – we can’t wait to return for more adventures!


To check out more info on the Children’s Gallery or to buy tickets, head to:


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