HOTEL REVIEW : Savoia Excelsior Palace – Trieste, Italy

Photography by Lara Antonelli-Leorke.

If you are searching for a gorgeous, palatial and flawless hotel by the seaside in Northern Italy, then look no further than the Savoia Excelsior Palace in Trieste.  Close to the border of Slovenia, Trieste overlooks the Adriatic sea, with Venice off in the distance. Surrounded by snow capped mountains, deep blue water and luxury yachts, Trieste has long been an underestimated European city, and let’s be honest – once you uncover her beauties, that is not necessarily a bad thing. She’s a gorgeous secret you will want to keep close to your heart.


With it’s grand white-washed Piazza Unita d’Italia surrounded by stunningly magnificent municipal buildings, the square is breath taking in its grandness and sophistication. The city itself is immaculate and beautiful, with classical orchestral buskers filling the streets with music; secret passage ways leading to ultra hip bars and delectable restaurants; grand fountains and century old architecture – not to mention the view of Castello Di Miramare that sits aloft in the distance, like some fairytale come to life.

The Savoia Excelsior Palace is certain to fulfill all of your regal dreams of a castle by the sea with your beloved. Offering sublimely generous sea view rooms, complete with balcony, king sized bed and lounge area, the service and hospitality at the Savoia is second to none. As are the Triestine sunsets that glow over the Adriatic, filtering golden light into your suite – they are as magical as the city it shines upon. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, as it sits opposite the marina with an uninterrupted view of the sea. Breakfast is quite an affair, with everything you would expect, and then some, at the full buffet breakfast on offer.


The staff at the hotel are very well versed when it comes to the history and fine dining of their city – so it without doubt that we recommend the gorgeous ristorante, Al Bagatto – it is a must on your visit to Trieste. We enjoyed the most exceptional dining experience there, with contemporary dishes seeped in the age-old tradition of sourcing fresh, quality local produce – and in Trieste, the options are plentiful due to its proximity to neighbouring countries Slovenia and Croatia. Stunning seafood (think sardines, scampi, mussels, sea bass), phenomenal local wines, flavour-full bright green Croatian olive oils – even the bread cooked in-house (the italians wouldn’t have it otherwise!) is wonderful. Plus, the General Manger, Roberto will take care of you and suggest only the best for your night out eating in one of the most gorgeous cities in Italy.


To book your stay at the Savoia Excelsior Palace in Trieste, head to:

To dine at Al Bagatto restaurant, head here:



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