BEC TILLEY – Interview with the Quella Collection Designer

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Bec Tilley, designer of luxury jewellery label, Quella Collection.
What inspired you to create Quella Collection, and what was the theme of your very first earring design?
 I have always been fascinated by jewels, particularly my Grandmother’s beautiful collection of vintage pieces from the 50’s and 60’s. Each piece had a story, whether it be what corner of the globe it was purchased from, or what fabulous party a pair of gold drop earrings had been worn to. Every piece seemed so significant and special and this really resonated with me. As I got older and became more interested in design, found my own aesthetic, and ready to build a brand of my own, jewellery felt like a very natural direction to head.
 A strong design thread that has been consistent from the beginning is art and architecture from past eras. My first collection was heavily inspired by the shapes and lines that make up a lot of the Parisian architecture, so it was quite geometric. Art and architecture is still a main focus today!

Where does the word ‘Quella’ come from and what does it mean to you?

At the time that I was starting the brand I was spending some time over in Europe. I felt that I had everything covered at that stage to launch except a brand name! I just hoped that something would magically come to me during my time over there, and finally one day as I was whizzing in a taxi through the streets of Berlin I saw the name ‘Quella’ on a sign. I couldn’t even tell you what the sign was for but I just started saying the name out loud over and over. After doing some research to check that it was all above board I found that in Italian it means ‘she is’. It’s meaning embodied everything that the brand celebrated and so that was it. I guess based on it’s true meaning and how thats aligned to our brand, Quella celebrates Women in every sense of the word.

Your designs have become very iconic, with fashion and style influencers from Melbourne to LA donning your jewellery. What is it about Quella that resonates with these women?

Thank you! That is a lovely compliment. Quella designs are bold and fun, but have the right amount of sophistication and timelessness. This means that they are not intimidating pieces that you love the idea of but would may never actually wear. I design pieces that will make women feel extra beautiful and confident at that event or occasion that they are attending, through styles that are fresh, original and modern and obviously LUXE. It’s so important that my customers have the same feelings of purchasing something exciting and significant.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.00.40 PM.png
The Anouke earrings on blogger ‘Twiceblessed’. Image via @twiceblessed_
How would you describe the perfect Quella girl? What does she embody and radiate?
The Quella girl as the name suggests is whoever she wants to be, and completely unapologetic about it. Radiating self worth and a passion for whatever makes her tick.
What do you think it is about statement earrings that are winning over the fashion circles at present?
There are so many things that are making statement earrings the go-to accessory right now! They are so versatile, and really have no limits as to what they can be worn with. Earrings are not just the cherry on top of an outfit, but are the outfit as much as that dress or those shoes. They are amazing to enhance cheekbones, eye colour or hairstyle and just lift any ensemble. Because they hang, there are also so many beautiful designs that can be created with them, as long as they are not too heavy, there really are no limits!
Do you have a favourite piece in your current collection?
My absolute favourites right now are the Rocco earrings which have been hugely popular. They have the perfect amount of double hoop and glint with their topaz coloured crystal. I can’t take them off!
Do you create a limited number of pieces to maintain exclusivity or do you re-stock based on popularity?
Most of the time we make to popularity, and can usually gauge what pieces will walk out the door. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised and need to hustle to get more stock in! Our Bowie earring has been one of our best sellers for a couple of years now, and we will continue to have it on our web store for as long as people are still loving it. That goes for all of our best sellers.
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 8.59.30 PM.png
Where are some of the extraordinary places you have seen your jewellery featured?
A major highlight was probably when featured an interview with me about one of my collections. It was really quite surreal to see images of my pieces flashing on their homepage, a site that I frequently visited.
Who would you like most to wear your designs?
I think Beyonce rocking a pair of Quella earrings in her next music video would pretty much cover it! But honestly, it’s always so exciting to see anyone of note wearing and loving your pieces.
What is next for Quella Collection, and its talented designer?


We have lot’s of amazing new earrings in the pipeline to be released throughout the year that can be found online and in stores. Otherwise this year holds exciting overseas trips and a few big things around the corner!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 8.57.22 PM.png
Former Miss Tourism Australia, Sarah Czarnuch, wearing the Giselle earrings. Styled by Daniel Paciocco.
First celebrity crush?
I am a bit embarrassed to admit this but I think it was JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) from Home Improvement! I had posters of him all over my room.
Most beloved piece of jewellery?
I have a box with a few of my most sentimental pieces that have been given to me, or that I have inherited over the years. They all hold a special meaning, memory or represent a time in my life.
If you could swap jobs with anyone in the world, who would it be?
If I was not doing what I am doing now I would have loved to be a Marine Biologist. I am hugely passionate about our oceans and marine life. I still put as much energy and support as I can into this and hope to be able to give it some more focus in the future.
What could you not live without?
Having something to be fiercely passionate about.
Favourite fashion designer?
I love to support Australian designers because we have so many amazing brands to choose from! Some favourites are Zimmermann, Viktoria and Woods, Bassike, SIR The Label and the occasional random vintage find.
If you could collaborate with anyone on your next collection, who would it be?
I think fashion and interior stylist –  Brooke Testoni has impeccable taste in earrings and style in general! She would definitely be someone I would love to have a coffee and a chat with.
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.06.20 PM.png
The popular Rocco earrings by Quella Collection.

To check out more from Quella Collection, head to:


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