Article written by Pia Finnigan. Photography & image editing by Rob Mirabelli & Pia Finnigan.

Three weeks of movies… Exhilarating. Fascinating. Touching. Letting stories wash over you, touch you, and if you’re lucky enough, the movie will not only entertain you for a few hours but also help you understand something about your life. The Tribeca Film Festival was built out of a time when a community, and the world, needed something to come together; a time of rebirth after September 11, 2001. Now in its 17th year, the film festival came at a pivotal moment, not only for me personally, but for a world once again dealing with crucial questions.
This year, women were definitely the talk of the town – from the subject matter of the films to the directors and producers. The festival challenged me to truly listen to these stories, think about my own life and what is most important – humanity, compassion and empathy were the true messages.

Here are my top picks, out of 30+ movies, documentaries, features, short films and television shows I viewed throughout the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.


Documentary: United Skates, Roll Red Roll, Momentum Generation and The Feeling of Being Watched

Algerian-American journalist and filmmaker, Assia Boundaou, director of The Feeling of Being Watched.

Must-See so History Doesn’t Keep Repeating Itself: GUN VIOLENCE Notes From Dunblane: Lessons from a School Shooting – Monsignor Bob Weiss

Hanging with the Band: Satan & Adam (documentary and after party at The City Winery where the duo performed!)

Narrative about Strong Women: Mary Shelley, Figlia Mia and Woman Walks Ahead
(starring Sam Rockwell and Jessica Chastain)

Actor Sam Rockwell.

Look Out For: We The Animals (and the film’s 3 child stars)

Actors Sheila Vand, Evan Rosado, Isaiah Kristian, Josih Gabrile and Raul Castillo.

Television: Little Women and Phenoms


Left Me Wanting More: Picnic at Hanging Rock (Australian production starring Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones)


Tribeca Talks: Claire Danes and John Legend


Suspense: State Like Sleep and The Staircase

Good to Know: Zoe featuring Christina Aguilera

Always a Blast: Ed Burns & his film Summertime. Looking forward to his NY Mets film covering the ‘69 Mets possibly for Tribeca 2019!

Ed Burns with wife (and supermodel) Christy Turlington.
Actor Dan O’Brien from Summertime.

Standout: Obey
World Premiere in the International Narrative Competition
Interview with the star & writer/director of Obey: Marcus Rutherford & Jamie Jones

Feature narrative about a young London teenager living through the London riots. According to the writer and director, Jamie Jones, the film is trying to shed light about, “why you don’t get affluent kids running around rioting.” The truthful portrayal delved into the life of Leon, played by Marcus Rutherford, and how his turbulent home life led him to make difficult choices. The universal story explores topics such as privilege, good vs. evil, drugs, friendship and life in an inner city. There were powerful moments by newcomer, Marcus Rutherford – he is an actor to watch!

Cast of Obey – Marcus Rutherford, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Jamie Jones (director) and Sam Gittins.

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