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Co-founder & Managing Director of Thankyou™, Daniel Flynn, launching their new campaign for their nappy relaunch. All photography by Adele Elisabeth Photography.

You may be familiar with the brand, Thankyou™. From bottled water through to hand lotion, they have been pioneering the way for a better world for everyone, all by reversing the effects of consumerism to the world’s advantage. But did you know that 100% of their profits go to help those in need across the globe, working each day to end poverty? It all started when Co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou™, Daniel Flynn, realised the gross imbalance in the world – where a child in a third world country could not access clean drinking water in the 21st century – in fact, 663 million people around the world don’t have access to safe water. He wanted to change that, so along with his wife Justine and best mate Jarryd, they nurtured a glimmer of hope into a thriving Australian brand that is helping to change the world for the better. But they need our continued support.

Thankyou™ launched a nappy range a little while ago with their sights set on ending the devastating stats around birth mortality rates in Rural Nepal and Zimbabwe – every 103 seconds a mother dies in childbirth. Globally, 2.7 million babies don’t make it through their first month of life every year because they don’t have access to basic health care. Now, nobody likes spending money on disposable nappies, but when you realise that the money you are spending on such an item is helping mothers and babies to survive, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

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But of course, Thankyou™ want their customers to be entirely happy with their product, especially one as important as your child’s nappy, so they have relaunched their range. Knowing what a big commitment it is to make the move to a new nappy brand, Thankyou™ are so confident that you will love their new nappies (which are chlorine and latex free) that their advertising campaign centres around the fact that they will ‘Get you through the night… even if they have to send you a box of Huggies’. Yep, you read that correctly. It’s bold and brave and I’m certain that with this kind of never before seen guarantee from a company, that every Australian Mum, Dad, grandparent and carer will commit to trying Thankyou™ nappies and help end the suffering of Mums and babies. Thus far, Thankyou™ and its devoted customers have been able to provide access to life changing programs around safe births and health care for mums and bubs in need to an amazing 94, 477 people in Rural Nepal and Zimbabwe. Now that is a cause worth getting behind (and quite literally popping your kid’s bum behind).

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Thankyou™ were kind enough to host a beautiful brunch for Melbourne’s in-the-know Mums and Dads at Feast of Merit in Richmond, to give us an insight into the Thankyou™ brand – where they came from, the struggles they faced to get their product into the major retailers and just how passionate they are about changing the world for the better. It was a gorgeous morning spent with some wonderful people, all who support Thankyou™, not only their future visions but what they have managed to accomplish for people living in poverty around the world. They are truly inspiring and deserve everyone’s support and commitment.

TB_ (30)
Pregnant Mammas – Jade Giovanetti from Wolf + Moses, and Lara Antonelli-Leorke from Pen To Paper Media.
TB_ (13)
Superstar Mums – The gorgeous girls behind Budu Baby and King + Holland – Danielle King with little Harvey and Sarita Holland.
TB_ (29)
Stunning Mummies – Jade Giovanetti, Jess from Mummy of Melbourne and Chelsea Bourke.

You can head into Coles or Woolworths, or jump online to purchase the new range of nappies –


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