MODEL SERIES – Interview with Elsa Bryant

Model Elsa Bryant backstage at VAMFF 2018. All photography by Lara Antonelli-Leorke.

Next in our MODEL SERIES of interviews is the ethereal beauty, Elsa Bryant. At only 17 years old, Elsa is already forging a powerful path to stardom. With her trademark white blonde locks and green eyes (not unlike her Disney’s ‘Frozen’ doppelganger), her sophisticated and natural looks are well paired with a confidence and positive attitude to her modelling that is both refreshing and alluring.

We chatted to Elsa about all things modelling, Melbourne and industry inspiration.

How did your foray into modelling begin and how old were you? I am 17, I have been modelling for the past two years however, was scouted whilst shopping on my 16th birthday.

Did you ever consider modelling as a career before this time and if so, what sparked your interest in the industry? When I was younger people always told my Mum and I that I should try modelling because of my height. Over the years I always found myself interested in fashion, art and design; I was keen to start modelling as it involves these three things.

How long have you been represented by Chadwick Models and what has been your most favourite campaign to date? I have been with Chadwick for four months now, I really enjoyed a recent editorial in Fashion Journal Magazine with some of my favourite Melbourne creatives.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about modelling?
That it’s easy and anyone with a pretty face can do it. There’s a lot of hard work behind one image and it’s a competitive industry which I have had to adapt to. It’s been challenging, but I have enjoyed collaborating with creative people and have learnt so much along the way.

You were a prominent model during the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival (VAMFF), walking in numerous Runways throughout the week. Was there a standout moment or show you enjoyed participating in the most?
I had a great time the entire week, however the most memorable night would have been the Harper’s Bazaar show. I just felt that everything went perfectly, even though I had six looks when others had three, the show went so smoothly. I just felt comfortable and it’s always a bonus when the shoes fit.

Was this your first time walking for VAMFF?
It sure was, however I have had some experience walking multiple shows in both Melbourne Fashion Week and the Adelaide Fashion Festival.

What was it like working for such a huge Australian fashion event?
I had so much fun and feel so grateful to have had such a privileged opportunity to be a part of something so spectacular! I must say, I am a huge fan of Melbourne and all it has to offer; being able to walk in this year’s VAMFF made me extra proud of this special city.

Was there a favourite outfit or designer from VAMFF you wish you could have taken home with you?
My favourite was a structural, deep V-neck velvet Carla Zampatti dress from the Harper’s show – I have never felt so fierce.

What was your favourite beauty look from the week?
All of the makeup was stunning, but I really liked the purple winged-eye with diamantés attached, from the National Graduate Show.

You are currently studying VCE, what course are you hoping to study at University?
I am actually doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which is an internationally recognised alternative to VCE. There are several differences which include, completion of community service, artistic engagement and activity participation, on top of completing six subjects over the two-year period, along with an additional subject called Theory of Knowledge. I plan to study art or design, hopefully in Paris or London.

Will you continue to model whilst you study at University, or will you look to focus on one or the other first?
I will be taking a gap-year to pursue modelling overseas which will give me a chance to travel and develop my French along the way. I plan on returning to studies at a later date. It may be a year or two but I want to give modelling a crack first.

Who do you look up to most in the modelling world and why?
My greatest inspiration would have to be Karlie Kloss. The way that she has transitioned her career in modelling to other industries such as design, sport, food and now taking the tech world by storm. I particularly look up to how she has empowered young women and girls to learn to code and become leaders in tech through ‘Kode with Klossy’. My fav model of the moment is Marjan Jonkman.
What is next for you in terms of your modelling?
At the moment, I will be focusing mostly on school – to finish off Year 12 the best I can. However, I am a highly organised person so won’t turn down anything exciting when I can balance the two.


Favourite designer of all time? Issey Miyake.
Secret beauty hack? Always wash your face! Drink water and you’re not a cow, you don’t need milk.
Most loved architecture in Melbourne? I have always admired the grandeur of the Royal Exhibition Building on my way to school, it was great to walk inside such a historic building for VAMFF.
If you could have anyone’s job in the world, who would it be? Grace Coddington.
Favourite movie icon? Meryl Streep.
Most hated fashion trend? Tattoo chokers.
What’s in your fridge currently? Coconut water, grapes, kimchi.
If you could bring a mythological creature to life, which would you choose? A Hippogriff like Buckbeak in ‘Harry Potter’.
Who in the fashion industry would you most love to work with? Petra Collins!! Or Alessandro Michele. GENIUSES.



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