Guy Vadas backstage at VAMFF 2018. All photography by Lara Antonelli-Leorke.
Guy Vadas is the debut model in our MODEL SERIES of interviews, fittingly as the 2018 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival was his inaugural runway show. You may not have realised that this was Guy’s first ever appearance at VAMFF, seeing that he was so confident and striking on the catwalk, also gaining much media attention as one of the two male models that held hands down the runway in Dom Bagnato’s collection – an unequivocal demonstration of the designer’s support of same-sex marriage, which was applauded wholeheartedly.
We sat down with Guy to chat all things modeling, the joy of pottery, and socially conscious fashion.
How did your foray into modelling begin and how old were you? It started very slow. I used to work at a cafe where the middle-aged women who came in would offer to be my manager day in, day out. It happened enough [times] that I considered it to be a possibility. Then I got in contact with a local photographer and it went from there. I would have been 17 at the time.
What sparked your interest in the industry? I’ve always been into clothes and fashion so that was a big part of it when I first started! 
How long have you been represented by Duval Agency and what do you enjoy most about your modelling work? I think it’s been about a year and a half, I’ve met a whole bunch of groovy people, which is definitely the best part. Hanging out with other models is always good fun. 
What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about modelling, especially for male models? That we’re all arrogant and stuck up; a lot of the boys I’ve worked with are just regular dudes. They have normal jobs and live pretty normal lives, they just get photos taken of them once in a while. 
As this was your first time walking for Australia’s biggest fashion event, the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival (VAMFF), did you experience a few surreal moments on and off the runway? Honestly, it was a crazy week for me. I came to watch the GQ Runway last year and remember feeling so envious of the boys walking, so it was awesome to be able to be a part of it this year. The first day I walked into the Royal Exhibition Building and saw all of the other models, I was pinching myself. 
Was there a standout moment or show you enjoyed the most? My Harpers Bazaar show was unreal to be a part of. Such a diverse group of boys and it was an honour to be able to walk down the runway holding hands with Javier (another model) to show my support for gay marriage. Was very, very cool. 
Was there a favourite outfit or designer from VAMFF you wish you could have taken home with you? Ooooo, I loved my Jac & Jack trench coat and matching sweats. 100% my favourite outfit. 
You own your own ceramics studio called, Céramiques Elsternwick. Where did your passion for ceramics begin and what do you love about the art of making something with your hands? I started ‘hand building’ about two years ago at a cute little old lady’s house around the corner from where I lived. I used to sit around a table with 5-6 elderly (but young at heart) ladies and build mugs and bowls, drink tea, eat biscuits and talk about bridge. I kept thinking to myself, “Why am I enjoying this so much???” It was a sign!! 
What is next for you in terms of your modelling? Making pots is taking over my life right now (in a good way), so with modelling I’m just gonna go with it and let it happen. I’m not forcing it. 
Most treasured possession? A sculpture of a women’s head my grandma made. 
Biggest influence on your life? My Mumma for sure – she’s taught me a lot about how to stand on my own two feet. I can’t thank her enough for that.
Favourite movie icon? The only person I’ve ever had a celebrity crush on is Nat Kelley, not really a movie ‘icon’ but I remember watching her in Tokyo Drift and my jaw hitting the floor. 
Most loved architecture in Melbourne? A little strange but I don’t have a specific building that I love – I’m very much into the aesthetics of shared working spaces, like indoor plants, raw wood and white colour palettes.  
If you could have anyone’s job in the world, who would it be? This sounds super lame but right now opening and managing my own studio is the only thing I want to be doing. It doesn’t even feel like A job. I never want to leave. 
Favourite place to holiday in the world? I love Byron Bay, I’d love to open a studio there one day. 
Most hated fashion trend? Wearing high end brands and spending 10k+ on an outfit when you don’t even have a car or own your own house! Shop at Op Shops – look twice as cool, have twice the money!
A meal you would travel the globe for? Escargots (snails)!! My French grandma always takes us to Entrecôte, the best French restaurant in Melbourne, and we get snails and French soup. 
If you could bring a mythological creature to life, which would you choose? Dragon. 100% can you imagine flying that thing to work everyday.
Who in the fashion industry would you most love to work with? Would looove to work with a photographer called Hadar Pitchon who is based out of NYC. Maybe one day I’ll make it there. 

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