VAMFF 2019 – Runway 5

Pen to Paper Media was very excited to have guest photographer, Rachel Canale, on board to shoot her very first VAMFF runway show! Check out her talent below and our picks of the very best outfits from the VAMFF Runway 5, featuring We Are Kindred, Alice McCall, Bec + Bridge , C/MEO COLLECTIVE, DIIDA, White Story, Third Form, Tigerlily and Finders Keepers.

Plus, amazing performance by the sublime Australian singer, Megan Washington.

120A2660120A2751120A2759120A2774120A2780120A2789120A2798120A2809120A2817120A2822120A2830120A2839120A2847120A2868120A2875120A2882120A2906120A2924120A2964120A2987 copy120A2991120A3000120A3007120A3018120A3033120A3108120A3121120A3128120A3155120A3165120A3186120A3193120A3198120A3208120A3224120A3236120A3248120A3263120A3275120A3289120A3299120A3310120A3341120A3349120A3362120A3368120A3397120A3404120A3408120A3419120A3386120A3423120A3442120A3462


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