Sportsgirl is the quintessential Australian label. A powerful pioneer in a capricious business, Sportsgirl’s tenure has surpassed the longevity of a feline. It is the respected and adored staple label of all Australian women. A label seeped in iconic nostalgia, managing to maintain its quality, uniqueness and therefore relevance in the fashion world, is the driving force behind Sportsgirl.

Utilising its dominant and respected status within the industry and with clientele alike, Sportsgirl has always supported the creative talents of established and emerging designers, by way of collaboration. The creation of the Sportsgirls Like program has enabled these inspired and ingenious Australian designers to showcase their aptitude with individual collections as part of a monthly series within Sportsgirl stores.

One designer in particular that has captured the attention of Sportsgirl and garnered a position in the series is Kym Ellery. The Perth born designer completed her studies at London’s foremost fashion school, Central Saint Martins. Her label, aptly named Ellery, is an amalgamation of originality and timeless classic pieces laced with femininity.

Her collaborative collection with Sportsgirl exhibits an abundance of attitude and sass, juxtaposed with rock glamour appeal. Sexy lines coupled with tailored sophistication. Bold black and white zebra print dominates the collection.

Sportsgirls Like has also forged a partnership with other leading and transpiring designers such as Belinda Fairbanks, Flamingo Sands, Arabella Ramsay, Life With Bird, Alpha 60, Dhini and Romance Was Born, plus many more exceptional and exciting labels. These highly anticipated collaborations augment and reinforce Sportsgirl’s eminence within the fashion industry, as it continues to support and nurture Australian fashion’s up most talented.



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