Camilla + Showpony Hair Extensions : The Creation of a Fashion Warrior

Designer Camilla Franks with supermodel Montana Cox.
Designer Camilla Franks with supermodel Montana Cox channeling a tribal warrior.

The Camilla grand showcase at VAMFF was heralded a stand-out, with models adorned in colourful fabrics, draped in flowing graphic prints, dripped in jewellery, crowned with feathered headpieces and empowered with stunning accessories.

The show was a successful partnership between designer, make-up and hair. The team had created tribal warriors; powerful women that were seductive and confident yet ethereal and other-worldly. No doubt though, that one feature that accentuated the look of the collection was the hair – it was indeed a highlight and one of the most intricate to create.

Showpony Hair Extensions (now in their fifth year as the fashion festival’s extensions sponsor), together with the directing prowess of Brad Ngata created the stunning tribal hair looks. It took a huge team several days to plait, braid, weave and dread the high quality hair extensions – it was literally a case of the hair taking over!


And what a finished product! It’s the kind of hair style you dream of being able to achieve – Xena Warrior Princess and Mad Max meets the Blue Lagoon and Avatar.

But guess what?! Pen To Paper has the exclusive ‘How To’ so that you too can create your own Camilla Tribal Warrior hair ‘do.


1. Add texture to the hair with a sea salt spray.
2. Add pre-weaved dreadlocks (or curled hair extensions), plaits and basket weaving to create drama.
3. Multi- textural, primal colours and extended length hair extensions will add an element of wonder to the look so choose some different tones.
4. Prep the hair with L’Oreal Professional Volume Lift and L’Oreal texture Dust to give a dry and ‘dirty’ texture. Back comb your own hair then add some hair wax. Rub the hair together causing friction which will fuse the hair and extensions together, then finally use an iron to seal.

Products Used:
L’Oreal Professional Volume Lift
Texture Dust
Showpony Hair Extensions:
Australia’s most talented and influential hair stylist Brad Ngata will be using Showpony’s clip in hair extensions to create this look.

Images by Lucas Dawson.

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