GEORGIA JUNE – Interview with the Intrepid Aussie Singer/Songwriter

Australian songstress, Georgia June, is a forging a musical path for herself. Shot by Shervin Lainez.

Georgia June is an exciting and intrepid Australian singer that is fearlessly forging a musical path for herself. At the age of 18, she is a graduate of the internationally renowned Newtown High School of Performing Arts; has performed to sold out crowds at popular music venue The Newsagency in Sydney; embarked on a maiden voyage to the starry lights of New York City, enticing the likes of Billboard Magazine; recorded a 3-track demo with a Brooklyn-based producer; and is currently recording her debut album with a NYC music producer. Refreshingly down-to-earth and with a gorgeously earnest sound and stunning voice, coupled with honest and observant lyrics, Georgia June is one young artist we’re excited to see and support as her career grows from strength to strength.

  1. What inspired you to start taking singing lessons when you were only ten years old? Did you discover you had a talent or was it brought to your attention?
    I don’t think I thought of it as a ‘talent’ at the time, but more so I just knew that I loved performing. I used to absolutely love dancing but I was too chubby for ballet so I started singing instead. After seeing P!nk’s ‘I’m Not Dead’ tour (me and my Mum had the worst seats but it was probably one of greatest nights of my life), that pretty much solidified my dream of wanting to be a singer, especially after hearing songs like, ‘Stupid Girls’ and ‘Dear Mr President’, I just looked at everyone in the room and they were totally glued to her because she was so passionate about what she was singing about and such a strong force of energy. So then my Mum found my singing teacher and everything seemed to fall into place and I never stopped!

    2. How old were you when you were enrolled in the Newtown High School for Performing Arts in Sydney? Was it a nurturing environment or did you find it competitive?
    I was 15 when I enrolled at Newtown, and it was definitely one of the best things that could have happened. It was very competitive, which was weird for me, because I’m not naturally competitive at all, I love supporting others and I think everyone is so diverse that no one is ever really in anyone’s league because we are all so different. That being said, it definitely toughened me up and pushed me to excel and persevere. The teachers were very caring and involved which was amazing and it’s a public school so YES PUBLIC EDUCATION!!! (I’m a big advocate for public education).

    3. Is there a particular artist(s) living or dead that you take inspiration from, that influences your music in any way?
    Oh gosh, there are so many amazing artists…P!nk – I think her 100% honesty and ‘no bullshit’ approach is what got me hooked on music in the first place. I go through intense phases, but definitely the strength of front women like Chrissy Amphlett and Debbie Harry, as well as the soulfulness and depth in artists like Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. Currently I love artists like Adele; I think she is just so intelligent in the way she writes her music. And bands like Temples have really cool melodic lines which are super inventive!

    4. What is it about NYC that you love so much?
    I love that it’s always busy and literally never asleep! People are so interesting and intriguing. You walk down the street and you marvel at every detail there is and you feel so small but also very powerful. It’s as if culture and inspiration is the oxygen there; you breathe it in and it’s overwhelmingly magical. I know that was an extremely cheesy answer and I’m sorry.

    5. Why was it your destination of choice to find a manager and label, as opposed to say Sydney or LA?
    I think Sydney (although the music scene is definitely getting bigger) is still really fresh and these ridiculous lockout laws aren’t helping at all!!! Whereas New York has such an established concrete music industry and all these amazing bars and venues, as opposed to LA, which I honestly don’t think much about, but I think I just gravitated to NY.

    6. What is your impression of the American music industry since being to New York?
    Tough but extremely worth it! I think that as an Aussie it’s a whole other level of institution and a lot more intense. There are so many opportunities at every corner and everyone is so important it’s insane!gj1
    7. Your music has been recommended for listeners of P!nk, Adele and Alanis Morissette – would you agree with that or do you prefer not to be pigeonholed by other artists or genres?
    To be completely honest, I really don’t like genres, but I definitely understand that people need to try and define you. I’m honoured to even be in the same sentence as those phenomenal women, but I definitely want to pave my own path and although I’m influenced by these artists I don’t think my music is even slightly similar. I think it’s more the vibes these women send out that I level with.

    8. What aspects of life trigger your songwriting and influence your lyrics?
    Anything, from me people-watching at a coffee shop for hours, to having a really lonely moment and crying all over my piano. I’m a super chirpy and positive person, so for me my music is the only place where I release all that negativity and sadness (and often anger).

    9. Do you find that writing the words to your songs come before the melody or is a harmonious relationship between the two?
    It is a pretty ‘harmonious relationship’ (I really love that, can I steal it?), they come at the same time, but I’m definitely more inclined to writing lyrics first. Sometimes I can write page after page, after page and then I’m stuck trying to fit them in somewhere!

    10. Your debut single is entitled, ‘Bunch of Oxymorons’. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for that song?
    It’s about the silver lining. The world is so backwards and it doesn’t make any sense, it’s so frustrating that terrible things happen to good people and I remember being upset and fed up with how the universe works, but I had to remind myself about how beautiful and graceful the world is. Yes, there is so much destruction but babies are born every day – these tiny little miracles – so now I just think of that when I’m sad. [lol]

    11. What do you love most about the opportunities your musical talent has given you – travel, performances, connecting with fans, a creative outlet, all of the above?
    All of it for sure! I think performing for me is the most enjoyable of all though, it’s such a rush! And I love looking at all the people in the room and seeing them react to my songs.

    12. What’s next for Georgia June?
    Grammys? Nah, I mean hopefully one day but definitely want to release more music, play more shows and make a difference, because at the end of the day I think that’s what it’s about. If you can make someone in the room cry you did something right. gj3


– First celebrity crush?
Definitely Troy Bolton.

– Secret vice?
Mint choc chip Ice cream.

– Most awkward thing you’ve ever done?
I sent screenshots of text messages to the person the screenshots were of – and I’ve hated myself ever since.

– Who you’d most like to collaborate with?
David Byrne – what a guy!

– Favourite place in the world?

– Best place to bagel in NYC?
Hmmm, Ground Support on West Broadway and Spring – you have to get the peanut butter and jam!

– Brooklyn or Manhattan?
Manhattan! I know, Brooklyn is cooler butttt… Manhattan is Manhattan!

– If you could wear clothes from just one decade, which would you chose?
The 70’s. God, everyone looked so cool.

– Favourite mythical creature?

Check out Georgia June’s debut single, ‘Bunch of Oxymorons’ here:


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