DUNDAS – Resort 2018 Collection, Paris


Let’s talk about Peter Dundas. For years the designer was the creative force behind the seductive and glamorous collections of fashion houses Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci, but in Paris this week, he debuted his first signature collection, DUNDAS.


The Norwegian designer amplified his seductive sounds, with models donning striking looks of: hot pink glittering mini t-shirt dresses; sheer plunging scarlet gowns; gold embellished figure-hugging dresses that looked like they were dripping from the model’s skin; electric pink fluffy fur coats; v-shaped decolletages that oozed glamour; and black lace catsuits tied up with bows.


With a colour palette that was anything but subtle, Dundas showcased dazzling cobalt, lime green and burnt orange, alongside royal purple, gold detailed blacks and floral embroidered denim.


Such a stunning and stand-out debut with a collection of sultry glamour with a high-end party vibe.


Images via VOGUE.com



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