FEIST – Forum Theatre, Melbourne

temporary 6
Photography by Lara Antonelli-Leorke

As the severe weather warnings where literally raining down on Melbourne, many took reprieve within the hallowed halls of the intricately carved Forum Theatre, below the infamous twilight sky rooftop. As the throng grew in anticipation of the Canadian songstress who had last graced our shores five years ago, Leslie Feist emerged on stage draped in a gorgeous canary yellow gown with chunky gold necklace. Backed by her three-piece band and armed with her guitar, she delved into her latest album ‘Pleasure’ with a soft determination, lit from behind and echoing her stunning vocals across the captivated theatre.

temporary 10temporary 4

As the audience swayed, Feist chatted in between her songs, and at one point, caught her projected silhouette on the Forum Theatre’s upper levels, joking that that shadow has been following her around for years.

temporary 5temporary 2

It was a mellow yet sweet set that saw Feist play out her fifth studio album in its entirety, a brave and ambitious feat which did cause some shuffling of feet and extra chatter at the back bar, as she held on to her chart topping hits, including ever popular ‘1234’, until the very end. However, Feist’s vocals never wavered and she illustrated that even nearly two decades into her career, she is still the chocolate-fringed chanteuse we all fell in love with after the release of ‘The Reminder’ in 2007.

temporarytemporary 9temporary 3


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