LUX CARTEL – Spring/Summer 2018 Collections Presentation : Soho, New York


Lux Cartel in Soho opened it doors for fashion journalists to view their Spring/Summer 2018 Collections just as the days were turning cold in NYC. The eclectic group of designs gave us a sneak peek of what to look forward to when sunny days return to the city and beyond next Spring.
Housing a group of fairly new designers, both the clothing and jewellery had a fresh flair.


Designer ​Julia Kalmanovich​ presented a bright collection that was eye-catching. A silky watermelon ​one-shoulder dress with bell sleeve​s and hand-painted floral designs packed a playful punch.


Ralph Masri is a truly gifted designer. His latest pieces were very well-crafted, with modernist mid-century architecturally inspired pieces leaving no surface unturned, literally. His attention to detail is stunning, especially his earrings encrusted with diamonds and sapphires that run along the outer rim.


Model​-​turned-designer,​ ANAIS​ showcased a truly enjoyable collection. She focused her ​most recent work on body-suits, creating a cut and style that would appeal to every woman.

​Alena Akhmadullina​ ‘s collection gave us a glimpse inside the mind with Rapunzel-esque pieces matched with light, floral dresses seeming on opposite ends of the fairy-tale spectrum. And those amazing square box handbags with romantic animal detail and claw paws are to die for!

IMG_5516 3IMG-5623
Marlo Laz​ will appeal to the woman on-the-go; one who wants to stand out without all the fussing. Rings and bracelets were lightweight, without heavy clasps and could easily be mixed and matched. ​C​ho​osing​ bold​ jewels including​ emeralds and sapphires made the pieces exciting.

Where velvet was the material of the season this Autumn/Winter, these new collections feel much less weighed down, which is an essential for Spring and summer! ​Evening wear by Ester Abner ​included pieces of light pink, black, white and lilac, with the addition of​ ​feathery elements. Cropped and​ ​open-back​ tops​ could be mixed into our daily closet and made to be a part of our daytime wardrobe. F​ashion can breathe​ next Spring​!​ ​


Leaving the showroom, I felt the imagination and fearlessness that makes fashion so important as a method of self-expression. As a whole, the group of designers showcased highlighted that they are more concerned with being unique and creating original designs, than taking themselves too seriously.​ It’s a bold new frontier for the hotter season ahead.

Written and photographed by Pen To Paper Media’s New York writer, Pia Finnigan.


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