VAMFF 2015 – Runway 5 presented by Harper’s Bazaar

11080937_781239318628677_7019404976678821075_nThis exceptional show featured the following designers: Carla Zampatti (celebrating 50 years in the industry), Alex Perry, Martin Grant, Yeojin Bae and Christopher Esber. Not only was this show the only one I chose to attend to this year (mainly due to an early start time and being 4 months pregnant), but these designers are always a highlight of the festival. Plus, it marked my eleventh year of attending and covering Melbourne fashion weeks, ever since my inception when I was 21 and writing for Fashion Journal, sitting front row and being mesmerised by all I saw, pen in hand, jotting it all down like a mad woman, keen to capture the essence of the moveable feast of fashion before me. How times have changed – now it’s all smart phones and hashtags – which I’ll admit, I am beginning to enjoy, and I hope you enjoy these images captured by me, at VAMFF 2015.

All images by Lara Antonelli-Leorke. Copyright Pen To Paper, 2015.

Martin Grant


Carla Zampatti // Samantha Harris walking for Yeojin Bae



Alex Perry
Alex Perry
Carla Zampatti
Martin Grant

10994453_781239425295333_1148673399022150474_n 11050656_781239558628653_9198552343401921036_n11073964_781239695295306_5126924894483514505_n

Carla Zampatti // Yeojin Bae
P1100601 P1100602 P1100603 P1100605



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